• You wake up with your beloved and have a slow, snuggly morning. You take your time to prepare a delicious breakfast while dancing around the kitchen.

  • Your heart feels so open and tingly after a deeply nourishing somatic morning practice.

  • When you go online, you celebrate all the payments that came overnight from recurring revenue.

  • You don't have client calls until midday, so you get to enjoy a delightful creative morning mapping out your next launch. Thanks to your somatic practice, your best ideas flow just effortlessly. You're so focused in and you channel your whole offering in no time!

  • You work with your soulmate clients who expand you and are committed to their transformation. Selling feels effortless because you're so tapped into your genius.

  • You have an amazing team you can count on and seamless backend processes which liberate so much freedom of time for you. You feel so seen and supported by your mentor who is always calling you forward to your power.

  • You have created a schedule that reflects your values and dream lifestyle. You feel spacious to bake cookies from scratch, make love, or be with your family whenever you wish.

  • After your word day is complete, you still feel energized and ready to show up for the people you love whether it's a romantic date with your beloved or being with your family or community.

You go to sleep feeling fulfilled – you are well-loved, well-paid, and well-rested. 

This is just one way of creating holistic success, through the lenses of your body.


To start with, tell me:

Which pathway are you called to walk first?


6 month somatic business mastermind to accelerate your business success, create true wealth, and become the Whole Woman you're meant to be. 

For entrepreneurs heading to their 6 / multiple 6 figure year.


3 month accelerator for newer coaches and self-development experts to build the strategic and energetic foundations for their soul-led business.


join holy body

the somatic membership

You're invited to join HOLY BODY, my somatic membership to expand your business, open to receive more love, and nourish the women at the center of it all.

HOLY BODY is a movement, a body-led lifestyle that honors the WHOLE WOMAN.

Here, deep devotional love, big wealth, monumental impact, delicious vitality, pleasure, peace in your nervous system, wild creativity, freedom of time are all… the baseline of your life.


pulse of wealth

Heal your relationship with money, embody the energetics of true wealth and increase your capacity for more.

  • Feel empowered in your daily relationship with money and learn how to shift your money reality
  • Begin to somatically heal intergenerational belief systems around money.
  • Calibrate to bigger amounts of money in your nervous system & embody your new wealth identity.

Creative Momentum

2 week accelerator to liberate your creative genius and leadership in order to create content that moves and sells.  

  • Strategic messaging to attract higher caliber clients who are ready to invest.
  • Create content that converts instead of being another inspiring coach.
  • Stand out from the crowd, learn how to build a hot audience, & tap into your bodily wisdom for creativity using my signature Creative Momentum Movement practice.

Launching Renaissance 

The strategic roadmap to creating the best launches of your life that you and your clients are obsessed with. 

  • Holistic launching strategy and energetics to successfully launch your programs with ease.
  • All that you need to know about launching timelines & pricing, ethical sales, waitlist strategy, and tactics that will help you sell your offers.
  • Sustain the energy behind your offer, protect your nervous system during a launch, & source your confidence using my Launching Renaissance somatic practice.

Luscious Fempreneur

Here, business makes love with your nervous system.  

  • No more working and launching in the "old ways" that leave you drained, feeling that you need to take a vacation from your business.
  • Replenish your inner resources of nervous system, pleasure, emotional capacity, love and rest.
  • Increase your CEO standards, create more freedom of time, and learn how hold the highs & the low using the Luscious Fempreneur somatic practice

Creative Renewal: CEO reset 

Reset your body, your vision, and your business so that you enter the next chapter in your business feeling alive and confident AF to make your next big move.

  • Audit your business in order to close energy leaks, delegate to liberate more time, and get clear on your most profitable priorities.
  • Master focus and time, protect your energy, and become a true thought leader led by her devotion.
  • Enjoy two in depth somatic practices to discharge any stress & return to a place of ease and relaxation.

1:1 experience

1:1 Body-Led Business Mentorship

For the woman who loves the highest level of business, leadership, and somatic support. 

Build a wildly successful business that generates consistent revenue, attracts high caliber clients, nourishes your entire life, and supports your nervous system.

In this container, you have my eyes on all things related to business strategy, leadership, launching, content, messaging, offer suite, sales, MRR, somatic & nervous system support, and so much more.

Includes strategy sessions, somatic healing calls, unlimited Telegram support, as well as custom audits (of your content, offer suite, sales pages etc) so that you're always feeling supported and held accountable to your highest vision.

these success stories could be you

I'm building a team with a whole new approach to what it means to be a CEO, not just a facilitator or coach. My identity and my work have changed in a big way.

The somatic work is massively shifting everything and helping my family to thrive more! It is helping me to feel more spacious in my head and in my physical reality. I feel much more connected to my Feminine and much more availability for my relationship. So precious!

The way Aurika holds space is impacting the way I coach too. Aurika's transmissions are so deep, beautiful, incredible, and sharp. They are helping me be a better coach for my own clients.

Velocity is so holistic! Aurika's coaching is impacting not just my business, but my whole life. I am infinitely grateful!

The somatic work in Velocity has deeply increased my capacity to hold more, especially money. I've just hit 15k, my biggest month yet, and I was able to hold that so deep in my system with ease!

Sacred Intimacy Coach @the_tantric_awakening

Mimi Bennani  

I have the nervous system capacity to take on new things. While growing my business, gaining 20 new clients, expanding to powerful in-person work, I also dropped in as a wife and mother and connected to my deep sacred femininity so much more.

I am genuinely living my best life in so many ways. I have grown as a woman and a leader. I have deepened into my womanhood. I feel unstoppable, powerful, and intuitive all at the same time.

I recommend Aurika's business mentorship with my whole heart. If you are a deeply feminine woman wanting to create a truly successful business, there is no other program for you!

Thanks to Aurika's business coaching, I expanded my business path to something I never imagined (but always dreamed of). 

Somatic & Conscious Parenting Coach

Hannah McDaniel 

It reminded me that I am a woman first and that my business won't survive if I don't take care of myself first. Receiving Aurika nuanced, individualized feedback, and business strategy ideas for my business is priceless.

I love Aurika's sweetness and compassion as much as her fierce, no-fluff insights. Such honesty and transparency are truly rare in this coaching industry.

Aurika's business mastermind is the most transformative and generous program I've ever completed! It not only provides lessons for your business, but also for life and every aspect of you.

Somatic Practitioner @iara.pulsar

Iara Vilardebo 

Somatic practices, Aurika's neverending wisdom, and her strategic input on my business makes her business coaching super unique and valuable!

I spent years looking for an aligned business mastermind. For the first time, I found a mentor who is heartful, creative, selfmade, successful, and inspiring! I was surprised by how available Aurika is as a mentor. And she truly embodies and lives her craft.

After being a solopreneur for years, I finally hired a team. I feel so much more spacious to deliver and content and focus on the tasks that truly generate the most revenue. That's truly a business-life changer!

I wish I had joined a group like that in the earlier stages of my business!


Empleasurement Coach 

Sanya Alaya 

INTIMACY & relationships

Sacred Beloved

The 5-month somatic relationship mastermind for the woman longing to create a compatible relationship where she feels safe, cherished and chosen.

  • Somatically rewire your deeper relationship patterns, and create a body-deep imprint of healthy, emotionally-connected love.
  • Heal your relationship with the Masculine so that you’re able to hold yourself, set clear boundaries, and create safety for your deepest emotions
  • Explore the deepest layers of Tantric relating and initiating the Masculine

Great Feminine Reset 

2-week somatic immersion to reset your body, heart, sensuality, relationships, and leadership identity.  

  • Includes 5 in depth sessions with teachings and somatic practices to reset every core area of your life: heart, body, relationships, sensuality, leadership.
  • Receive a daily somatic practice for every situation in life.

Claimed and Cherished 

A masterclass and somatic experience to ignite his primal masculine impulse to cherish and claim you as the woman of this heart.

  • Practical tools to come into deeper softness, aliveness and sensuality as a woman ready to deeply receive her man.
  • Begin healing your heart from past resentment and feel safe in trusting the Masculine
  • Explore the deeper layers of surrendering and devoting to love as a high achieving woman using a profound somatic practice

join holy body

the somatic membership

You're invited to join HOLY BODY, my somatic membership to expand your business, open to receive more love, and nourish the women at the center of it all.

HOLY BODY is a movement, a body-led lifestyle that honors the WHOLE WOMAN.

Here, deep devotional love, big wealth, monumental impact, delicious vitality, pleasure, peace in your nervous system, wild creativity, freedom of time are all… the baseline of your life.

1:1 experience

1:1 Somatic Intimacy Mentorship

For the woman ready to upgrade the fabric of her entire life, create her dream relationship, feel worthy of having it ALL, and rewire her deepest patterns at the nervous system level.

This is the most profound and intimate work that I do. All sessions are transformational, individualized somatic ceremonies where we follow the layers of your nervous system to uncover and rewire your deeper patterns around love, self-worth, power, and living your most fulfilling life.

In between the sessions, you receive unlimited support to fully integrate this work for a truly lasting transformation. Minimum commitment – 5 months.

these success stories could be you

Aurika holds space with such devotion, love and honor. The deep work that we do in every call creates a ripple effect in my life. I wish all women could experience her medicine.

This is the deepest and most transformational work I’ve ever done. It's beyond anything I could have ever expected. I'm so grateful for the kind of woman I'm becoming thanks to our work.

Soul Mentor @paloma.bloom

Paloma Arbol 

Aurika held me more deeply, and with greater integrity and masterful dedication to detail, than anyone else I have ever hired to support me.

Aurika's essence is quite rare and extraordinary, and she is endlessly more embodied, authentic, trustworthy, experienced and multidimensional than most people who call themselves “coaches” online.

Aurika was so successful in preparing me for sacred union that by the time we were nearly completing our mentorship container, I was married to my beloved! She helped me somatically transform my core relationship patterns from the inside out at the root level.

Feminine Arts @solar.feminine.arts 

Christina Louise McBoyle  | 

You name a modality – I‘ve done it. Just after two classes, I knew that what Aurika was doing was different. Her programs are so operational, sequential and complete.

Aurika truly holds and creates experiences for lasting change. I am forever grateful.

Aurika creates an experience that is more than a meditation or an exercise. She creates a guided transformative experience during the live calls that are ceremonial, invoking change on a core level.

Business Owner


Working with Aurika has been one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. Thanks to this work I will never be the same again.

I deeply recommend experiencing Aurika’s work to every woman who feels that there is just more than average life, average pleasure, average happiness, and average relationships. Especially those who have done some kind of spiritual work and feel that there has to be more to this.

I don’t really have words that would be enough to express the impact that Aurika’s programs have had on my life. If only my body could speak in words.

Justina  |  

Mindset and self-confidence coach

There are women who fear the unknown of going ALL IN in love & business. They play safe and keep building their Pinterest vision boards instead of daring to access their true power.

And there are women who are devoted to claiming it all, they are ready to make BIG MOVES and turn their vision board into their lived reality. Not in 5 years, but now.

Which one are you?

Not sure which pathway or offer is the right one for you?

Send a DM and let's drop in

I'd love to chat and help you make the right decision for you based on your individual needs and desires. 

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