“Aurika is a teacher who embodies the full package – from relationships to business, from sexuality to self-love.


“With her guidance, my external world transitioned to another level – my financial growth, business, happiness, relationship with myself, my family and others. They are all so connected! Even after years of fighting with my sister, we have finally rebuilt our relationship.

I had never experienced such deep intimacy as I do now. I know how and when to shift my energy. 

Sacred Beloved taught me to speak up for what I truly want, fully let go of what doesn’t align with me (including a past relationship), and remind myself that I do not need to explain my no.

Aurika is a coach who embodies what she teaches; she is the female leader that my heart felt most aligned with. She inspired and guided me to connect with all parts of my life. Now, I allow myself to experience what my heart desires.  I have never felt so much love towards myself.


dance educator, malaysia

“Aurika creates an experience that is more than a meditation or an exercise. She creates a guided transformative experience during the live calls that are ceremonial, invoking change on a core level.”








“You name a modality – I ‘ve done it. Just after two classes, I knew that what Aurika was doing was different.

I have experienced two Aurika’s long-term programs and I love that they are so operational, sequential and complete. You’ll never leave you wondering how they apply. So, not only am I experiencing deep changes that are unique to my system during the calls, I have a toolbox of practices to refer back to.

She held and created experiences for lasting change. The longer time container (compared to a 2 week program, for example) created safety for me to shift so many big blocks in my life and learn how to truly hold space for the ebbs and flows of my transformation.

Just knowing that Aurika was there as my guide and my group was there every week sharing similar experiences, gave me more permission to go deep and be vulnerable.

I am forever grateful.


business owner, USA

“This is the deepest and most transformational work I have done and she held the space with such devotion, love and honor. I wish all women could experience her medicine.”

Before this work, I wasn’t aware about how the wounds I had were shaping my entire reality. After doing her program Erotically Embodied followed by a 5-month private mentorship, I felt my true nature and I met myself deeply. 

I feel fulfilled, open to receive love and share my love. I touched a deep longing that was rooted in my heart, I heard the whisper of the divine feminine essence through my body and my womb. My openness, softness, surrender became more and more embodied.

The deep work that we did in every call created a ripple effect in my life. So much liberation and wisdom that came through every session! The feeling was so ALIVE that even several days after our session things kept unraveling and revealing in my consciousness, my body and my life. It was an incredibly rich experience. 

Aurika is the mentor I recommend if you want to do the work that… we all avoid. She is present, loving and has the ability to hold space that makes you feel safe to dive into every session. The gifts and blessings one receives after every session are priceless.

It was Aurika’s embodiment that drew me to working with her. I can’t recommend Aurika’s private mentorship enough. I am deeply grateful for you, for the work and for us.


Soul mentor, argentina

This was feminine work at its finest. It was by far the deepest and most vulnerable work I have done.”

Aurika met me beautifully with practices and a depth of advice. She does not beat around the bush, which helped immensely with not wallowing in unnecessary emotions and getting straight to solutions. She was also very delicate in her approach and we spent time nurturing the parts that needed it. I felt very held by her while there was always space for me to lead myself through the process.

Before this work I often felt numb. I was not aware how the unprocessed emotions I had in my body were impacting and weighing down my relationship and my sexuality. With Aurika’s coaching, I knew exactly how to process the emotions and events that happened on a daily basis. This improved all my relationships, especially the one with myself. Now I felt more alive, more powerful, and more trusting of my intuition. I was clear from many of the old emotions stored in my body. 

Doing deep emotional alchemy also helped me liberate my sexual energy and also fall in love with my luteal phase! This is absolutely priceless. 

This was the deepest and most vulnerable work I have done and am beyond grateful for having Aurika share her medicine and holding the space for healing and expansion.  Her work is a blessing and I am deeply humbled and grateful for this work being shared with us women.


Holistic nutritionist, canada / romania

“I feel like I have worked through layers of armouring. The pain I had in my womb area for about 3 years.. is gone.”

I was drawn to Aurika’s work and her content really spoke to me deeply.  When I reached out to her, she responded in a very gentle way – something that my nervous system was craving.

EE is such a beautiful intersection between nervous system work and finding safety in the body. I feel my sexual expression much more deeply!

I really feel very grounded after being in this container.  The teachings truly activate wisdom and body-awareness; I have learned how to feel and befriend my emotions.

The amount of teachings and practices were beautifully balanced, with everything needed to awaken the senses and pleasure in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies.

Aurika is a very high quality mentor that knows the energetics behind the work she does and this course felt like it was crafted very intentionally with a lot of wisdom, gentleness and precision behind it. EE has made a lasting difference in my life! I highly recommend working with Aurika.


Awakening activation coach, australia

“I went from wanting to end my marriage, to being more in love with my husband than I ever have and seeing the future unfold with him”

When I came across Aurika, I saw a post which spoke to my whole being. I was already on a deep journey of finding my authentic truth and tapping into my pleasure, deeper love and desire.  When Erotically Embodied opened up for registration, every single word in the description made my body say YES.

 This course ended up being the exact thing I needed to go to the next level and build upon my spiritual path. It was the bridge to a deeper relationship with myself, my husband, and my life.

My perspective of my relationship shifted in a way that allowed my husband to respond energetically. Now we are rebuilding the foundation for our marriage stronger than ever!

My pleasure threshold has increased, the sex is so much better, I am accepting AND expressing more love. 

Aurika is so supportive, compassionate, understanding, and present. I felt seen and held and able to be vulnerable in the safe space she held for us all!”


ARTIST & energy worker, USA

“I don’t really have words that would be enough to express the impact that EE has had on my life. If only my body could speak in words.”

“Working with Aurika has been one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve got to experience and accept so many different sides of myself; leaning into my emotions fully, especially the uncomfortable ones, opened up my body to feel more joy, pleasure, happiness, and desire every day. Asking my body what she wants to tell me has changed how I view myself and taught me to set boundaries.

I’ve done several other practices, but they were just surface level compared to what I’ve experienced here. Moving through the emotions instead of suppressing them has been the most transformational – thanks to EE I will never be the same again.

I deeply recommend experiencing EE to every wild woman out there who feels that there is just more than average life, average pleasure, average happiness and average relationships. Especially those who have done some kind of spiritual work and feel that there has to be more to this.

The Tantric and somatic approach is the missing piece to live a pleasurable life.

Thank you Aurika for inspiring me to live my truth authentically and unapologetically. I believe that her work will change the world.



Deeply beautiful, peaceful, confident and glowing.”

“Erotically Embodied was a magical initiation into a womanhood for me. The energy of Aurika is an experience in itself that inspired me to respect myself. I will never again compromise the signs through which my body is guiding me.

I have learnt that being more selfish with my well-being now means maturity to me, rather than having a shameful attitude towards it. I walk slower as it is my way to let my feminine energy guide me. I take more time to hear what my body has to say and I own it through communicating a clear opinion, boundary or desire to the external world.

I would previously ignore my body and push through whatever I had to do. Now I take time for myself to come back to full alignment, no matter how busy I am. Life is so much more delicious to live that way.

To live deeply. To live in alignment.

I truly loved every second of the program and the time we shared together!

I am forever thankful that our ways have crossed, gorgeous Aurika.”



“We are all a work in progress, but I can say with awe that working with Aurika initiated one of the most profound internal shifts that I have ever experienced.”

“As someone who was skeptical and new to the idea of somatic healing, I was really surprised to feel deep, authentic emotions welling up during the session on heart de-armouring.

Aurika’s somatic approach affected me so deeply – I felt a definitive release, as if something that was holding me back had dissolved!

It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off of me – I am lighter and have a greater capacity for feelings of all kinds. I have set down old hurts and replaced them with trust and gentle care for myself.

Four months, one group container and several private sessions later, I struggle to find the words to express my gratitude. I feel open and excited for this next chapter of my life.  Thank you, Aurika.


Professional equestrian, USA

“I am eternally grateful for everything that I have learnt in Erotically Embodied and the connections I have built.”


“I gained a new tribe of Sisterhood and learnt life-long tools and practices to release blockages to teach myself and my body to receive and to accept the pleasure and excitement life holds for me.

 I went deeper in this program than in any other program before. Erotically Embodied was on a whole other level.

 I so grateful for Aurika’s work and can’t wait to work with her again soon.

Elena Blankenburg

business coach for overworked lightworkers, Germany

“Kirsty experienced her first internal orgasm, awakened her confidence
as a woman and reclaimed her wild woman!”

“My sensuality has grown magnificently and I continue to enjoy the power of my own pleasure. In our time together, I was able to experience my first, truthful internal orgasm. I was astounded by the heated, creative energy that it ignited. I also really feel my body now- I awakened my breasts, having been ashamed of them for years! And I have such a deeper understanding of my moontime, I enjoy it much more. I’ve also learnt to listen to my Yoni and celebrate her potential and intuition.

My feminine energy has blossomed and I am unashamedly engaging with it everyday through regular practice and with love and attention. I gained so much in our time together: confidence, curiosity and bravery. I have a refreshed confidence in the woman I am becoming everyday and in my relationship with myself and others. It’s still a journey but my coaching has opened my heart to the journey and all of its power and potency.

Working with Aurika has allowed me to open my heart to the wild woman within – I am so enjoying getting to know her, even now 4 months on from the end of my live coaching.

Most significantly, I learnt to embrace myself on so many levels and create a much deeper awareness of my internal world. This is now reflected in my mindset as I embark on this new chapter of life. Aurika’s warmth, kindness and vast knowledge bank has provided me with tools for life. I don’t think I can express my love and gratitude enough.”



Erotically Embodied gave me access to a completely new way of living.”






“I feel more free, accessible and powerful than ever before. I see and experience my life, my friendships, my partnership, my decisions – simply everything – in a whole new dimension.

I realised during the first week of Erotically Embodied that intimacy for me was associated with a lot of tension, powerlessness and fundamentally uncomfortable sensations. I was trying to solve most of my problems and desires for change with my head.

Today, I intensely associate intimacy and sexuality with my body, my freedom, confidence, beauty, and my infinite (feminine) power. Intimacy and sexuality meet me everywhere in my everyday life and by no means only during love making.

After completing the program, I have a basis for a completely new attitude towards life. And I take with me the deep connection to myself and the wonderful women from our group. I love them all from the bottom of my heart.

From the first moment I felt the pure life In Aurika, which I also now feel in myself. Her way of working is full of love, respect and trust. She challenged me in a gentle, safe way, so that many of my processes were stimulated without always being actively involved.

When I think about the last three months, it feels magical and mystical. No words are enough to describe this deep, wonderful experience.

If you are attracted to Aurika and feel ready, go for it. It will perhaps be the most beautiful experience in your life.”

Denise Porebski

Empowerment & Self-love Coach, germany

“Louelle learnt how to tap into sexual energy whenever she wants and
reconnect to parts of herself she had not felt for 12 years.”


“Before starting coaching with Aurika, I felt emotionally and sexually stuck. I was resistant but quite soon Aurika was able to guide me to emotions and places that I wouldn’t go that easily by myself and this gave me a lot of trust to embark on this journey with her. Aurika came as a blessing! I am in awe. Aurika guided me in such a safe and empowering way that I was able to go not only to spaces where I wouldn’t have been able to go by myself, but even to spaces I didn’t even know existed.

During our time together, I decided to have my IUD removed as I felt all the tension it was causing in my cervix. Aurika helped me release the anger and the resentment that came out during this process–I was able to feel a lot of power as a result of this. Thus, my journey has been about healing, especially my pelvic area and my Yoni. I was able to reconnect with parts of my being that I had not felt for 12 years. I was able to reconnect with my sexual energy in a way that I had not imagined. It had been dormant for such a long time! And now I can easily tap into my sexual energy whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for it to magically just happen.

For the first time in my life, I was able to receive love for myself. Not in the mechanical way I was doing it before (eg pampering myself in a superficial way), but truly receiving love from myself in my heart. Moreover, Aurika also guided me through couple practices which created a deeper intimate relationship with my partner and opened our connection for more pleasure.

I now feel like sexual energy moves through my body. I can step into it. I show up for myself. I feel really transformed, so much more present and so much happier. I wish all the women in the world to be guided in such a loving and empowering way as Aurika guided meme.”



“Before working with Aurika, I had done a lot of work in the field of sexuality, tantra, spirituality, meditation, and yoga. I’m not a beginner in this area and I was wondering if it was going to be worth it? I decided to dive in with Aurika and I’m so happy I didshe helped to navigate this “jungle” so that I could find my inner strength and my own answers.”

“As a result of this, many areas in my life have shifted. I met my new partner a couple of months ago and it’s been so beautiful to get all the relationship tools. Aurika has been an important part of my relationship journey. I had never been even close to having such an intimate relationship with a man before.

I work as a classical singer and for a long time, I had been feeling so tired, even thinking about quitting my career. But we even had an entire coaching session about that and Aurika gave me new tools to use when I feel negative energies at work. It’s making all the difference! It’s fantastic that our coaching went beyond sexuality and spirituality.

A couple of weeks ago (after our coaching), I found myself feeling stressed and I was falling out of my daily practice. So I just went back to listen to one of my coaching sessions with Aurika and looked at the toolbox that we developed together. That was enough to walk my way back to the balance that I had two months ago when I finished the program! It’s amazing to know that I have the power myself; that I’m in charge of my own life.

I highly highly highly recommend working with Aurika!”

Maria Demérus

Professional singer & vocal coach, Sweden

“I realized that I’m worthy of the love and the relationship I desire”

Before joining this program, I had doubts and fears coming up wasn’t sure if I’m worthy of this investment. And actually it’s probably the best investment I could have ever made because it definitely shows the world and the universe that I’m ready. I’m ready to really truly love myself and prioritize myself.

In this program we touched upon so many topicsfrom feminine embodiment to emotional release, from relationships to changing limiting beliefs to. As a result, I started listening to myself and body so deeply that I started seeing changes in ALL of my life. I felt so empowered that, for example, I could finally make some important decisions around my career.

The most important part for me was to allow and give myself permission to rest and experience pleasure because before I felt I wasn’t worthy enough to do that. Now I can accept all parts of myself. 

In terms of relationships, I knew that something was there and that was affecting my relationships but I just wanted to distract myself and run away. Aurika guided us beautifully to meet the Father Wound and the resulting distrust in men. And when I fully went in, I realized that I’m worthy of the love and the relationship I desire. I was able to say no to relationships that didn’t meet me on a deeper level. To do this, I also had to drop the good girl mask and this program really helped me to do that.

What’s special about Aurikashe embodies everything she teaches. She’s both fierce and also very gentle, so she definitely creates a safe space and encourages you to hold yourself, not to be hard on yourself, no matter what is coming up. 


HR Recruiter, Netherlands

“I joined Aurika’s group program five months after I gave birth to my daughter. When I started this journey, I felt very disconnected from myself, my sexuality, and from my yoni. Pregnancy created some walls around my heart as it brought up some childhood events. I also have a scar in my yoni due to giving birth. So I began this program feeling sad and disconnected.” 


“The group experience was an invitation for me to meet myself on a profound level and to meet my yoni and my cervix (and all its traumas after giving birth) in such a held and lovely space, created by sisters and held by my beautiful sister Aurika…I’m so deeply grateful for so many tools that I still use to meet myself in such a beautiful way. I’m deeply deeply grateful that I joined this course at the perfect time. It was such a beautiful experience!

To every woman out there – if you feel the calling to join this program or any other Aurika’s course – do it! It will give you so much and support you in such a warm-hearted and beautiful way. Thank you so much!”


Intuitive Facilitator, Singer and Actress, Sweden / Germany

“Aurika’s coaching was always on point—she gave me the tools that really picked me up where I was in that moment of time.

“I always felt so seen by Aurika in ways that I sometimes was not able to see myself. Feeling so seen and supported gave me that inner shine that I am still having now, 3 months after our coaching ended.

My two key challenges were a lot of stuck emotions and issues regarding self-worth. Aurika helped to really shake up a lot of emotions that were holding me back in life. I felt so liberated and empowered after finally being able to release all of that! I feel that the process has just started and I feel super confident to continue doing this work on my own.

I feel that I did something big to improve my life! All I can do is to encourage you to make that step and do the coaching with Aurika because it is so enriching!”


Teacher, Germany

“The last three months working with Aurika were…like nothing else.

There are honestly are no words to describe that experience.”


“I am a yoga teacher, I have done so many courses and programs, read all the books, done a lot of these practices on my own. Aurika helped me to truly ground a lot of these really sacred teachings in my body and have a visceral experience of them.

Coaching with Aurika shifted my life in a completely new way. It helped me to embody and integrate love, passion, and sexuality into my life. I feel like I have reclaimed parts of my womanhood that were gone for a long time. It is almost like she helped me to collect all of these little pieces and put them back together.

Thank you Aurika, I love you very much and highly recommend anybody to work with her if you get the chance!”


Yoga Teacher, Canada

“I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Aurika and for our whole series, I felt so lovingly held and supported by her feminine presence.”

“In our work together I explored depths I don’t think I would have gone to without her. She was able to gently guide me more fully into myself through working with my feminine energy and connected with parts of me that I had compartmentalised. Aurika provided a sacred mirror for me so that I could see myself in the fullness of my power and radiance as a woman, and our work together helped me to reclaim that and love myself even more. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be coached by Aurika.”

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach, Australia

“I learned things from Aurika in a completely different way that I never saw in any other course! They helped me become the woman that I always knew I was. It felt like dissolving a whole armor in order to connect with my truest self.”

I gained so many tools to understand myself and how I got to where I am. It’s given me the confidence to own my choices in life and relationships. 

I wanted to be guided by a woman who felt good in her body, with her sexuality, feminine energy, who was able to set boundaries, hold herself and at the same time, ask for help. Aurika had gone through this path; she was the perfect mentor for me.

When working with Aurika, my body started talking to me. I found a safe space in me. I started feeling more of my sexual energy. I feel so much more alive and free!

I feel so much more confident because now I know that I can hold myself and stay grounded no matter the circumstances.

In relationships, I used to have a huge resistance to receiving. I would have usually said: “No, no worries, I can do this”. But now, I feel more free in my ability to receive – this makes me feel more loved, and I feel like I can love even better too. 

I learned things from Aurika in a completely different way that I never saw in any other course. I had previously done a feminine initiation but it was all with meditations.. it didn’t work. Now I feel motivated to do the somatic practices every day, because I can feel the tangible changes they are creating in my life.

What I loved about working with Aurika was how kind and supportive she was during the whole program. When she talks, I receive what she is transmitting because of the profound embodiment work she has done. You can feel she walks her talk.

I’m grateful for you Aurika, for creating this amazing work that is still changing my life even weeks after our closing ceremony!




I gained so many tools to understand myself and how I got to where I am. It’s given me the confidence to own my choices in life and relationships. 

I feel so much lighter and more comfortable in my body after doing the somatic work – like a physical burden I no longer have to carry. Even some chronic pain that was part of my life disappeared. My friends were asking whether I lost weight! 

The sisterhood community made me feel so connected to people who live far across the world. It was so relieving to hear other women feeling the same way and learning that it’s okay to take up space. Now I feel worthy and deserving of love.  

Aurika was so present and open! And she also modeled a healthy way to set boundaries with love which was so profound.  Having the opportunity to interact and learn from her has been invaluable. 

I gained so many tools to understand myself and how I got to where I am. It’s given me the confidence to own my choices in life and relationships. My life has been changed in such an amazing way and I am beyond grateful.



“I had the absolute pleasure of being coached by Aurika and for our whole series, I felt so lovingly held and supported by her feminine presence.”

“In our work together I explored depths I don’t think I would have gone to without her. She was able to gently guide me more fully into myself through working with my feminine energy and connected with parts of me that I had compartmentalised. Aurika provided a sacred mirror for me so that I could see myself in the fullness of my power and radiance as a woman, and our work together helped me to reclaim that and love myself even more. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to be coached by Aurika.”

Lisa Kotz

Life & Self-Sovereignty Coach, Australia

“Annalisa moved from depression to for the first time fully loving herself, manifesting lots of job opportunities and feeling healthier than ever.”

“This is the beginning of this huge cosmos of sexuality and femininity!”


“Three months ago I was exhausted, tired, I had a lot of physical pain, I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror, and I saw my body as an obstacle. Aurika appeared in my life and I saw it as my last chance to come out of my depression. I don’t know where I would be now without the coaching I did with her.

I don’t experience pain in my body anymore. I don’t experience premenstrual pain and I actually enjoy my menstruation. I love looking at myself in the mirror, I love touching myself, feeling that my body is actually a gift that I was given. For the first time in my entire life I love myself! I love the body I am in and I experience pleasure in relating to others.

My outer world has changed dramatically. I met a wonderful man who has been stepping into being a father figure to my daughter. I went from having no job to having so many offers and opportunities. I’m working as a yoga teacher now. It was my dream to be able to work in this field and a job opportunity just came to me without even looking for it! I manifested a home. I’m healthier than ever. I feel better than ever. These things that have come into my life are just bonuses that reflect the change in my inner world. Aurika is the most amazing mentor and friend that I could ever have asked for.

If you feel called to do something like this with Aurika, I promise you that you won’t regret it!”


Yoga teacher, Brazil/Sweden

“We worked with Aurika for six months and I feel I am equipped now with all the necessary tools to help me drop into my body, feel my emotions, and be fully present with and in my body.


Two of my most important goals were to reconnect with my partner and awaken my feminine energy. I’ve fully achieved those goals!

Today, when I was writing my morning pages, I realized that the way I feel today reflects how I managed to achieve all the goals I set. I want to share a quote from my diary: ‘I feel amazing; I feel happy for no particular reason. I am in flow state, I live my life to the fullest. I feel free. I feel deeply in love. It feels so good to be with my husband of 11 years, I even get chills while being next to him. It is such a pleasure being next to him, talking to him, feeling loved and appreciated. He takes care of me, he cherishes me. He feels and understands me. I trust him. I am very happy. I am thankful for being happy alone. I am grateful for all the compliments I get. I am grateful to be feminine, sensual and full of life.’

Realising my true  needs and wishes, feeling my own body, feeling and maintaining my boundaries were the most important and greatest discoveries while working with Aurika.

Aurika really understood all my problems, dreams and goals, and guided me patiently towards them. She knows when it is time to give a push, but where to give me more space, where it is necessary to encourage, and where to draw boundaries. It was a great example for me how to show up for myself.


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