The 5-month somatic relationship mastermind for the woman longing to create a compatible relationship where she feels safe, cherished and chosen.

For you if you’re single and long to call in a partner OR if you’re in a relationship and desire to deepen it.

The 5-month somatic relationship mastermind for the woman longing to create a compatible relationship where she feels safe, cherished and chosen.

For you if you’re single and long to call in a partner OR  if you’re in a relationship and desire to deepen it.

Imagine a truly compatible relationship that brings out the best in both of you.

You are in a healthy, devoted relationship where you can truly meet each other at the sexual, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

You feel confident to identify and express your needs and boundaries in the moment, in a way that lands for your beloved, making it easy and inspiring for him to love you the way you want to be loved.

You dare to soften, surrender and let him lead you. You have the somatic tools to keep on releasing any layers of resentment in order to trust him and fully let him in. 

You’re not afraid to ruffle the feathers. You trust your body so fully that you can always express your deepest emotions and desires without ever diluting yourself for the fear of losing love. You know that your authentic feminine expression is your greatest gift to him.  

You know how to create safety for your man and ignite his best qualities. He feels accepted and appreciated by you and thus is ready to give the world to you. 

You’re ready to let the fantasy of the-perfect-prince-on-a-white-horse die and instead allow yours and his humanness in the relationship. You’re okay with shit hitting the fan because you’re equipped with all the somatic tools you’d ever need to rewire patterns and transform triggers back to love and connection.  

Your relationship is deeply emotionally connected and ALIVE because you have the tools to resolve any challenges in the moment, without allowing any tensions to accumulate.

Your sexual chemistry deepens and grows over time. Eros is flowing not only in the bedroom but in all of your everyday life, for you know how to source your own Eros and feel confident to entice his desire.

You long to soften and make love a priority, even if it feels edgy. You know that you were made for the deeper emotional intimacy, the intoxicating passion and the spiritually connected love. And you won’t settle until you learn how to access these states. Consistently.

Hi Beloved! 

I’m Aurika. Your somatic practitioner, love and leadership coach. 

There was a time where, even though I looked feminine externally, my heart was covered in armor. I had suitors and attention but these connections would not last – I was trapped in the classical loop of unavailable men>anxious attachment>heartbreak.

The truth is, I was not truly available for love either. Firstly, I was carrying a deep wound of mistrust and abandonment in relationship to the Masculine. Secondly, I prioritized what made me feel safe and in control – my sacred work.

Even though my work filled me so deeply, in a somatic heart de-armoring session (which I teach in Sacred Beloved), I came to realize that my work had become my hiding place. My heart was aching with a longing to be truly met and loved by a compatible beloved. Even soulmate clients and multiple 5 fig months were no longer hitting the sweet spot. 

Behind the scenes,I was declaring to the entire world that I was ready for Union, but the way I was leading my life actually had no space for such love. My calendar was full. I feared my gut-wrenching longing which would arise in solitude, so I’d distract myself in the evenings. I said that I’m only available for emotionally connected love, but I would settle and date men that didn’t quite meet me there. 

Healing my relationship patterns and coming to secure attachment was one of the most important identity shifts of my entire life. I even ended up living in the Polar Night in the Arctic where I was forced to face my solitude, learn how to truly hold all of me, free fall into my fears only to find the deepest love within. Two months later I met my next committed partner.

You name a healing modality, I’ve done it. And yet, it was only through somatic and nervous system work that I was able to finally rewire the way I love and create my dream relationship that is healthy, peaceful, passionate and more compatible than I had ever dreamt of. It’s been the most profound initiation of claiming my worth as a woman who always knew she was destined for more. I’m writing these words right before getting ready for our weekly ritual night that my beloved Kevin will be leading.  

I believe that you’re worthy of the deepest love possible. You are already whole. And I’m here to guide you creating the legendary love you desire.


The 5 month high touch, somatic intensive for the high achieving woman who is longing to experience legendary love, feel safe to surrender and be led by a powerful beloved (without telling him what to do).

I don’t need more details, Aurika!

My soul is vibrating and I’m feeling a full body yes!


  Understand your relationship non-negotiables, get clear on what your compatible relationship looks like and feel confident to express that to your current or future partner 

 ✧ Rewire the pattern of being attracted to emotionally unavailable men and create a body-deep imprint of healthy, emotionally-connected love 

 ✧ Master Feminine communication so that you could not only get all of your needs met, but also ignite his Masculine impulse to claim and cherish you 

 ✧ Learn how to source your own pleasure, use this sacred energy as a healing modality and expand your nervous system capacity to receive more 

 ✧ Begin healing the Father Wound and mature your own inner Masculine so that you’re able to hold yourself, set clear boundaries and create safety to feel your deepest emotions

 ✧ Embrace your Longing to be fully chosen and learn how to live in communion with your Longing (I’ll tell you a secret – it doesn’t go away even when you’re in a relationship!)

 ✧ Learn how to initiate a man emotionally and sexually whilst supporting him to feel safe in your relationship to step into his power 

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What will you receive during the 5 months of being

5 month initiation starting in September 2023

two teaching and somatic practice calls per month

with nuanced, high level teachings and in depth somatic ceremonies designed to help you heal and transform patterns at the nervous system level.

one integration and Q&A call per month

to help you integrate your transformation into real life and feel held by a community of other powerful women who get you.

three guest speaker sessions

with high-sought guest experts on the topics of initiating the Masculine, igniting sexual polarity, and erotic temple dance.

One year access to all program material

This work is non-linear and most women love repeating my programs because each time they are able to absorb this work with a whole new level of consciousness!

Bonus – for the most devoted ones loving to play full out!

Program foreplay

I know you’re so devoted to this path of Love! Thus, I prepared some delicious material for you to begin taking the first steps opening your body and heart even before we begin Sacred Beloved.

70 page manual with teaching summaries and detailed practice descriptions

This is optional in case you learn best with written material. The manual is designed to help your mind and body receive this work at the deepest level and feel crystal clear on how to embody it in your daily life. Forever yours.

Foreplay and integration questionnaires

These will help you take an inventory of your relationship journey, ensure that you fully embody this deep work, and also integrate it into your daily life.

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Client love

“This is the deepest and most transformational work I’ve ever done. Aurika held space with such devotion, love and honor. I wish all women could experience her medicine.

I feel fulfilled, open to receive love and share my love. I touched a deep longing that was rooted in my heart, I heard the whisper of the divine feminine essence through my body and my womb. My openness, softness, surrender became deeply embodied.

The deep work that we did in every call created a ripple effect in my life. So much liberation and wisdom that came through every session! The feeling was so ALIVE that even several days after our session things kept unraveling and revealing in my consciousness, my body and my life. It was an incredibly rich experience. 

Aurika is the mentor I recommend if you want to do the work that… we all avoid. She is present, loving and has the ability to hold space that makes you feel safe to dive into every session. The gifts and blessings one receives after every session are priceless.

It was Aurika’s embodiment that drew me to working with her. I am deeply grateful for you, for the work and for us.


soul mentor, argentina


Aurika is a teacher who embodies the full package – from relationships to business, from feminine energy to self-love. 

With her guidance, my external world transitioned to another level – my financial growth, business, happiness, relationship with myself, my family and others. They are all so connected! Even after years of fighting with my sister, we have finally rebuilt our relationship.

I had never experienced such deep intimacy as I do now. I know how and when to shift my energy. 

Sacred Beloved taught me to speak up for what I truly want, fully let go of what doesn’t align with me (including a past relationship), and remind myself that I do not need to explain my no.

Aurika is a coach who embodies what she teaches; she is the female leader that my heart felt most aligned with. She inspired and guided me to connect with all parts of my life. Now, I allow myself to experience what my heart desires.” I have never felt so much love towards myself.


Dance Educator. Malaysia

Here’s what you’ll experience inside SACRED BELOVED


Nervous System Meets Deep Feminine Embodiment

After this module, you’ll know exactly how to begin opening your emotional body, unclench any deeply buried patterns of tension, and ignite body-deep aliveness.

Through somatic work, you’ll learn how to access your full spectrum feminine expression. It’s time that you become truly intimate with your most uncensored, undiluted self – your intimate life will never be the same after this. 



Before entering the deep terrains of Union, you want to first become the ONE for yourself. This session will help you strengthen the Inner Union between your Masculine and Feminine so that you can hold ALL of you in life, choose yourself consistently, and increase your self-worth at an embodied level. 

You’ll be guided through a somatic ceremony which will help you change old patterns and learn how to first show up for yourself consistently as a way of increasing your standards in love.


The Art of Loving a Man

Become the best partner he’s ever had. You’ll learn how to become a supportive beloved who ignites his power and purpose. You’ll find your unique ways to respect his lead and appreciate his strength so that he feels naturally inspired to cherish you. 

Understanding the differences between men and women when it comes to needs, communication, and sexuality is absolutely crucial if you want to become a safe place for him to open and choose you. 

PS this does work like magic.  



Healing your Relationship with the Masculine

This is one of the most important parts in a woman’s journey of embodied awakening – healing her Father Wound and learning how to trust the Masculine. 

You’ll be uncovering and somatically rewiring your deeper relationship patterns and clearing old stories of resentment.

A whole new chapter will be opening in your relationship life when you dissolve any subtle control, mistrust strategies and begin to make space for devotional love.  



Embracing your Feminine Longing

You know that primordial, aching yearning to experience more love, intimacy, and connection? When embraced, this longing is the source of your feminine power. It is also an incredibly powerful way to heal insecure attachment. 

This module is where somatic work meets mystical ceremony. You’ll be learning how to fully feel your longing and let it crack you open to new mystical realms of God and Love within.  



De-Armouring the Heart

This is all women’s favorite session! You’ll understand why you hold this armor around your heart, how it is impacting your relationships, and how to dissolve it. 

Through a somatic heart de-armoring session, you’ll be creating inner safety to reveal your heart in vulnerability and also feel safe both in togetherness and in space. In other words, you’ll be creating imprints of healthy, securely attached love. 



Mastering feminine Communication

You’ll be learning how to communicate in a way that he can truly hear you –  not just with your words but also with your body. You’ll be uncovering your needs and expressing them in effective ways that set your man up for success. You’ll also understand the gift of your complaint and how to use it to find your more vulnerable desire.

This is going to be a highly practical session with lots of role play so that you feel confident AF to stay attuned to your body while also expressing your truth in real life. Life changing, to stay the least.  




Your womb is a hidden source of your power, intuition and creativity. In a somatic womb clearing practice, you’ll be able to release any stored energy from past lovers and instead fill your womb with love and compassion.

You’ll reset the connection between your heart and sexuality and ignite your life force energy. You’ll reconnect with your womb as your intuitive guide and thus feel more empowered to claim your womanhood. 



The Feminine Arts of Initiating a Man

This is the place where you’ll be transitioning to the realm of Sacred Union and learning how to initiate a man through the power of your devotional love. You’ll be exploring, through your body, how to invoke different archetypal energies with a beloved and shape the moment.

You’ll be guided through practices to explore what it feels like to open through closure and how to use this in a way to deepen your connection with him. You’ll be experiencing what it’s like to move from being just “a good wife” to becoming a priestess of love that ignites his masculine desire to protect and provide.  




In this module, you’ll learn about what it takes to awaken consciousness in sexuality, initially within yourself and eventually in relationships.  You’ll be guided through a pleasure practice with a crystal wand to connect with your yoni in a profound way and source pleasure within. 

You’ll learn about the 7 foundational keys in cultivating passion in long-term partnership. You’ll also learn how to create more safety in revealing your sexuality with a beloved and take your love making to much deeper realms. This includes both energetic, Tantric teachings and also practical tips for the best sex of your life.

Guest Speakers

Erin Fowler

Erotic Temple Dance

Kevin Orosz

Sexual Desire in Committed Partnership, Feminine Dating, and the Art of Loving a Man

Christina Louise

Masculine Archetypes and Receiving the Masculine

What makes Sacred Beloved such a unique program?

We utilize somatic work.

A lot of the relationship programs will address topics such as inner child healing, conscious communication, discovering your attachment style etc.

These are fundamental tools. And if they’re only mind-based, they do not go deep enough to truly transform the ways you love and let love in. 

Lasting change must include the body. Thus, in Sacred Beloved, we take time to create safety for you to be in the body and do somatic healing before doing deeper relationship work. 

Once you can stay in your body – with its subtlest sensations and deepest emotions – the relationship will land on a whole new depth. It’s nothing short of extraordinary.

We have a high focus on integration.

It’s one thing to do the work just on your yoga mat behind closed doors, it’s something else to practice sacred relating in real life. 

Depending on your relationship status, you will be invited to either to practice authentic dating or deepen the relationship you’re currently in. 

Through real life practice, you get to truly embody this work so that it lasts for the rest of your life.

We honor Sacred Sexuality.

A lot of relationship programs do not include sexuality any further talking about your sexual needs. Sacred Sexuality goes so much deeper.

Eros, when approached consciously, flushes out everything that is not love. 

Thus, in Sacred Beloved, we’ll be exploring our sexual energy as a healing modality to come back to wholeness and learn how to cultivate lasting passion in long-term partnership.

Client love

“Aurika creates an experience that is more than a meditation or an exercise. She creates a guided transformative experience during the live calls that are ceremonial, invoking change on a core level.

You name a modality – I‘ve done it. Just after two classes, I knew that what Aurika was doing was different.

I have experienced two of Aurika’s long-term programs and I love that they are so operational, sequential and complete. You’ll never leave wondering how they apply. So, not only am I experiencing deep changes that are unique to my system during the calls, I have a toolbox of practices to refer back to.

She held and created experiences for lasting change. The longer time container (compared to a 2 week program, for example) created safety for me to shift so many big blocks in my life and learn how to truly hold space for the ebbs and flows of my transformation.

Just knowing that Aurika was there as my guide and my group was there every week sharing similar experiences, gave me more permission to go deep and be vulnerable.

I am forever grateful.”


business owner. USA

“I don’t really have words that would be enough to express the impact that Aurika’s programs have had on my life. If only my body could speak in words.

Working with Aurika has been one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve got to experience and accept so many different sides of myself; leaning into my emotions fully, especially the uncomfortable ones, opened up my body to feel more joy, pleasure, happiness, and desire every day. Asking my body what she wants to tell me has changed how I view myself and taught me to set boundaries.

I’ve done several other practices, but they were just surface level compared to what I’ve experienced here. Moving through the emotions instead of suppressing them has been the most transformational – thanks to this work I will never be the same again.

I deeply recommend experiencing Aurika’s work to every wild woman out there who feels that there is just more than average life, average pleasure, average happiness and average relationships. Especially those who have done some kind of spiritual work and feel that there has to be more to this.

The Tantric and somatic approach is the missing piece to live a pleasurable life.
Thank you Aurika for inspiring me to live my truth authentically and unapologetically. I believe that her work will change the world.



It’s not about the kind of man you attract,

it’s about who you get to become in the process.

Client love

“Thanks to working with Aurika, all of my relationships went through very important transformations — my relationship with myself, my partner, my children, my ex-husband and even my parents.

I’ve been a “communication nerd” for many years now and, I must say, this program with Aurika has completely upleveled my communication skills. I learnt how to express my emotions in an integrated way and how to not bypass my emotions by talking about them too much. I’m now able to express my needs and boundaries in such beautiful ways that I didn’t know were possible before and, even more, I also know how to support the other person to express their needs and boundaries at such a new level. 

It’s so wonderful to see how Aurika truly embodies what she teaches. She’s so centered and has a very strong inner union, so she can really hold the space with a masculine structure and clear frames and also be such a role model when it comes to the feminine – dancing, shaking and expressing emotions. Such an inspiration!

Aurika has not only been an inspiration as a coach, but also really supported me with discovering myself and understanding what I want for my life and not continuing to live on autopilot. I feel extremely grateful for that. If you’re thinking of joining this program –  you definitely won’t regret it.”


Professional Singer & Relationship Coach. Sweden

Yoni de-armouring and pleasure work with a Crystal wand

In Sacred Beloved, we will be working with a crystal yoni wand to resentize and de-armour your yoni. To get the most out of this program, it’s best that you have a yoni wand. If you already have one, that’s absolutely perfect. If you desire to purchase a high quality, ethically sourced yoni wand, you can find some options on my website — CLICK HERE.  Otherwise, feel free to get your yoni wand from anywhere it feels good to you. If you’re not sure which one to buy, feel free to send me a DM!



You’ve got questions, my love? I’ve got answers!

Can you guarantee that this program will help me attract a partner?

There are two things I never promise my clients – a relationship and an orgasm. These experiences depend on SO MANY factors that are unique to you and your belief systems.

That being said, we will be healing your relationship with the Masculine and the Father Wound at a profound, somatic level. Your relationship patterns will change. You will feel so much safer to open as love, be confident in your communication and vulnerable in your expression. Your template of relating will be upgraded. And yes, this may result in a sacred union during or after the program.

I am already in a relationship – can I still join?

Yes, a big part of program content is about healing your relationship with the Masculine, heart de-armouring, learning about Masculine-Feminine polarity etc. This is relevant to all women in spite of their relationship status. On top of that, in some modules, there will be different teachings and practices for single women vs women who are in a relationship to support both scenarios. For example, if you’re single, you’ll have more focus on integrating this work through dating. If you’re in a relationship, your integration work will be centered specifically around your relationship.

Are there any refunds?

Nope. By joining this program you take full responsibility for your participation and the commitment to complete the payments.

How does Sacred Beloved differ from your other program, e.g. Erotically Embodied?

Erotically Embodied is about awakening your body, emotions, feminine energy in connection to yourself.

Sacred Beloved is a relationship intensive. All the deep healing and pleasure work will be orientated towards your relationship life. Since Sacred Beloved is life-orientated and will require more integration time, the program is longer, more intimate and has a private Telegram chat which creates a higher touch than a FB group. 

If you have already done EE, you will find some concepts and practices that you already know because they are the foundation of this work. That being said, most of this material is not taught in any of my other programs.

What if I can’t attend a session?

If for some reason you can’t make it to a session, don’t worry. Everything will be recorded so you can view the recording anytime later. If you know in advance that you can’t make it and have a question about your practice, you can send it to me beforehand and I’ll have it answered during the call. This way you feel completely included in the journey.

Will I need private space to attend the calls?

Yes. You will need to check in with your family so that they can give you private space and time not only during the sessions, but also for home practices. Having private space and time is fundamental for you to get the most out of this experience.

If the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships…

Imagine what your life could look like when it is held in a Sacred Union oriented towards spiritual growth, where your heart is held in utmost safety and where passion only deepens over the years?

Are you ready to awaken through the path of sacred relating?

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More about your Facilitator

Aurika Valan is a Women’s Intimacy and Leadership Coach. Her deepest soul calling is to support female leaders desiring to have it all – both business success and legendary love, the Feminine way.

High achieving women come to Aurika when they have created business success yet along the way they lost touch with the very things that light up their Feminine hearts.

Thus, Aurika supports visionary women in creating a Sacred Union where they feel truly safe, cherished and chosen AND also in creating business success that is in a deep alignment with their bodily wisdom, pleasure, and the nervous system.

Aurika works with women long-term through 1:1 and group coaching, blending somatic, trauma-informed methods and Tantra,  creating an EMBODIED transformation that lasts for the rest of their lives.

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