One day I decided to go celibate. For a month. You may be laughing… But the story was not so funny as I was self-pleasuring myself to sleep most nights during the years when I suffered from insomnia – a quick-fix clit0ral 0rgasm would help me fall asleep. During that month I experienced the potency of the s.exual energy building up in my lower belly and I literally didn’t know what to do with myself—it was certainly not pleasant!

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by awakened people who taught me how to circulate this energy by doing breathwork. This is when I truly discovered the power of sacred s.exuality – like Columbus “discovering” the South American lands which had been always there… After years of searching for love externally I came back home – to the temple of my body.

To some of you phrases like “the temple of my body” may sound like empty, spiritual woo woo fluff. Many women, however, come to me because they intuitively sense that the next step in their awakening lies in their actual bodies.

Living from the neck upwards is safe but empty.

Fully switching on the heart and all the chakra bubbles underneath is scary but enlivening.

Merging your s.ex, heart and spirit is what gives meaning to life, really.

It’s not just about “having better 0rgasms”. It’s about creating your life consciously where:

— your awakened s.exuality is the secret fuel to everything you do (yes, you can self-pleasure to cultivate energy to supercharge your projects. Just sayin’…)

— your yoni is your private oracle that guides you through life, decisions and relationships (how to know if you’re ready to make love? Ask her. LITERALLY).

—you dare to unapologetically own all of your totality. Given what you’ve been through, sister, it makes sense to feel sad, angry, lonely, resistant, insecure. These are not weaknesses but your assets, if faced with love & consciousness.

You probably wonder how to begin this path? One thing for sure—no need to practise celibacy.

Picture taken by Erïck