Bringing back the Values of showing up and impeccability of one’s word

The new paradigm of conscious relating for me is beyond the monogamy-polyamory split as here we’re still playing just with the form. The new way is where we come into union in full raw transparency, owning our emotional wounds and waking to our true essence. This requires a lot of dying of the ego as relationships, as Eckhart Tolle puts it, are there not to make us happy, but to make us conscious.


Who are we without our masks? Who are we without our spiritual story? Few will allow to be really seen beyond these thick walls of identity.


Showing up entails action and integrity; inaction stemming from fear is just another facet of the old way of relating where we don’t have the capacity / tools to say what’s really going on for us. Instead, we hide or freak out.


Relationships are there to transform and awaken us, but only if navigated trough with enough awareness, otherwise we’ll continue marinating ourselves in drama and old patterns that we’re so chronically tired of. In the same manner, sex is there not just for procreation or a quick release / mutual masturbation style encounter. Sexual energy is sacred and is to be cultivated intentionally to meet the Divine that dwells within.


This is the level of depth I want to call into our relationships, people. Who’s in?


Pic by @Jennifer Stenglein