How can our Moontime become a portal for a deeper meeting between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

The other night I sat in a circle. Women sat in the inner circle facing inwards, men sat in the outer facing us. Women shared their intimate experiences of having a menstrual cycle, men witnessed us in silence and unwavering presence. Afterwards we joined the two circles to share our collective experiences as men and women.


☾ Many men shared that they felt rather excluded by women experiencing their Moontime; bumping into a closed wall of “I’m on my period” and finito, without really knowing what’s really going on for us physically, emotionally and sexually. (Yes…there’s work to be done on both sides). ☾ One man told his story about growing up with three older sisters who would always hide their cycles from him; as a boy, he knew that “something was going on” but it was not to be spoken about. ☾ Another man, a father, expressed his desire to truly understand the feminine cycles so that he’s capable of accompanying his daughter’s transition into womanhood in a healthy and holistic way.


This discussion was deeply empowering for all of us. Yet something even more profound was occurring. No words can encapsulate the expansion that occurred in the space when we found unity and alignment in something that in historically has created so much discord.


▪️We released some ancient unspoken collective wounds. ▪️We felt each other without words in deep silent reflections. ▪️The ever-flowing life force was being held by the solidly present consciousness.


This is Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in action, coming together into one universal power house. Miracles to be born from such vortexes.