The Feminine Mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to reignite their sexuality, master the art of emotional intimacy, and create a relationship where they feel chosen and cherished


The Feminine Mastermind for female entrepreneurs ready to reignite their sexuality, master the art of emotional intimacy, and create a relationship where they feel chosen and cherished

You’ve become a powerful leader. You’re capable of executing the wildest visions into reality. People look up to you.

But there’s one thing they don’t know about you….

You’ve worked so hard to create business success that, along the way, you’ve sacrificed the very things that ignite your Feminine heart: your romantic relationship, sexual aliveness, and emotional intimacy  

Your heart is aching with a longing… to HAVE IT ALL

Both professional success AND a legendary love

Commitment to business growth AND devotion to a Beloved who wants to ravish you

Leading a team AND knowing how to surrender to his desire to claim you

Welcome to the Holy Salon, Beloved 

Your deepest Initiation into Womanhood


Do any of these experiences feel true for you?

Your Feminine

You realize that one day you were a little girl and the next day – you’re leading a successful business, making huge decisions for breakfast, and navigating complex relationships. 

You may be trying to look Feminine or do that embodiment practice. But…you can’t feel much. 

At the end of the work day, you can’t figure out how to get out of your buzzing head and access the depths of your heart. 

Even if you know all the concepts, read all the books, when you’re triggered, you still go back to your old reactive / withdrawn ways. 

Actually, all the “Feminine stuff” and the emotional complexities feel like another thing on your to-do list and…you’d rather just focus on work.

You long to be discover what your unique Womanhood feels like how to masterfully navigate emotions with your heart open

Your Body

You’ve poured sweat and tears to build your business. You’re most likely the first one in your family to create such success! And if we’re being reaallll honest here, along the way you got exhausted… with zero juices left to nurture your intimate life. 

Body stiff, head fried. Too much in the head to surrender, too numb for sex, too tired to stretch your heart into vulnerability.  

At the end of your work day, you just have energy for Netflix & Chill with a glass of wine… “Wearing lingerie and inviting your beloved to a sacred love making ceremony?! I wish I had the energy and confidence for that…” 

You want it ALL – a life where after work you have the energy (the juice) to nurture your intimate life, invoke his desire to choose you, and be taken to God

Your Heart

You’ve learnt to be a hyper capable, self-sufficient woman. There’s nothing you can’t do. Hell yeah! 


Even if you’re capable of leading your relationship, you don’t want to

Deep down, you feel that your partner can’t fully meet you and is not doing as much work as you.

If you’re dating, all the men… either feel not masculine enough or won’t commit. 

The love thing has become freakin’ confusing.

So you grew resentful of the Masculine and built an armour around your heart, that protects you from feeling unmet or abandoned. Yet it also blocks the very love you desire.  

You desire to experience legendary love, feel safe to surrender and be led by a powerful beloved (without telling him what to do or which course to take)

Your Purpose

You’ve become your own boss, created that freedom lifestyle. But you can’t help but sense that there’s still patriarchy running in your system… You’re still prioritizing hustle over pleasure, a cup of coffee over rest, mechanical 5-step tactics over intuition, and external success metrics over how you FEEL as you’re creating our success.

Yes love, I know! The masculine ways work… until they don’t.

You can’t risk another burnout (which doesn’t make sense anyway when you’re your own boss!). Working during your Bleed feels like betraying your own body. 

And taking a bath with a goal just to work more after… nope, no more. 

You long to embody a more Feminine way of leading your business so that you create legacy & movements, not just 3-month programs. 

You want your business to follow the rhythm of your body,  not vice versa.


Beloved, this longing is your path to gold. Take it from my own lived journey. Let me introduce myself.

It was discovering the sacredness of my sexuality, body, and emotions that saved me, quite literally, and became THE healing nectar for my soul. It wasn’t drinking coconuts in Bali.

Sexuality and embodiment work helped me get out of the unhealthy masculine just bulldozing through life. Eventually, I was able to expand my emotional spectrum where ALL emotions are welcome, became multiorgasmic, learned how to feel safe and grounded in my body, and called in a wonderful relationship with my beloved who’s sitting across from me as I write this.

If someone had told me back then that awakening my sexuality was the missing piece in the puzzle of my life, I would have called them crazy. Now who I think is crazy are the people who hope their lives will change without doing the inner work! 

What could be more internally profound than your body, heart, and Eros, your life force energy? These are the missing keys to reclaiming your sexual desire, feeling confident in your body, and creating profound intimacy.


Beloved, are these your sacred desires?

Soften your edges, clear any resentment around the masculine so that you can truly let love in

Refine your to Feminine expression from being a “hot mess” or withdrawn to widely open and inviting

Awaken your sexuality learn how to source your own pleasure as part of your sovereignty 

Master art of polarity   master your deeper Feminine energetics that will inspire his deeper Masculine
inspire, not demand)

Own your longing to be claimed and cherished live and dissolve in your sacred Desire for love, for him
(without feeling needy) 

Create a Divine Union attract a compatible partner who claims you or deepen the relationship you’re in

Psst… you know what’s the best “side effect” of activating your Deeper Feminine and creating sacred intimacy? They’ll become your most powerful allies in business success, creativity, and embodied leadership.

Curious what happens when you begin leading your business from your body?

Take a deep breath into your belly and imagine feeling:

⍒  Equipped with knowledge and experience about how to calibrate your nervous system during the rollercoaster of running a business.

⍒  Worthy of receiving (and holding) not only orgasmic pleasure but also wealth and wild opportunities.

⍒  In integrity with who you are online and offline – allowing your deep & raw essence to be expressed on social media so that people could FEEL you.

⍒  Unapologetic AF – letting go of the perfectionist, good girl mask who needs to be liked by everyone because you’re so deeply internally anchored and own all of y o u.

⍒  Confident when calling in new clients – using your relationship skills to relate to our business and clients in non-needy, magnetic ways.


The 5 month Mastermind for high achieving female entrepreneurs desiring to have it all – be a powerful leader AND a devotee of love

The Holy Salon is an in-depth, sacred, holistic, and body-led Rite of Passage into your Womanhood. 

It is not just a program, it is a blueprint that will help you embody your Deeper Feminine, soften your edges, and awaken your sexuality. 

As a result of becoming a deeply embodied Woman, you’ll be able to master the art of relating & sexual polarity, attract an aligned beloved or, if you have a partner, inspire him to step into his Deeper Masculine.


The Holy Salon is an in-depth, sacred, holistic, and body-led Rite of Passage into your Womanhood. 

It is not just a program, it is a blueprint that will help you embody your Deeper Feminine, soften your edges, and awaken your sexuality. 

As a result of becoming a deeply embodied Woman, you’ll be able to master the art of relating & sexual polarity, attract an aligned beloved or, if you have a partner, inspire him to step into his Deeper Masculine.


I have been neglecting my physical body and the growth that takes place when we go within. And this program is a perfect initiation into that level of work. Aurika is a fantastic leader of this. She carries such beauty, rawness, and genuine care. She is on the ball, she knows her stuff, she explains everything beautifully. The exercises that we do each week really support the learning that we need to do in that week and it supports us when we come up against some emotional turbulence. I feel incredibly empowered now through that.

Aurika also goes into great depth of the inner masculine and feminine and that is incredibly useful. I have a much healthier relationship between each version within myself and that helps me find stability, balance, centeredness and alignment within. Ultimately I feel a lot more free within myself and in my body! My throat chakra is good and clear. Alleluia!

And the way that Aurika shares is fabulous. She holds the container and the group setting really well. The relationships that I’ve built in this group have been so tender, sweet and beautiful because we were all there showing up together in our rawness and vulnerabilityit felt like you’re really not alone when doing this deep work.

And then to have someone as strong as Aurika guidingreally powerful. I really cannot recommend this program enough. If you feel like you need to reconnect with your body, if you need to learn how to feel feelings, if you want to feel like what it feels like to be feminine or masculine and to understand the difference between the two, if you have emotional wounding you need to heal – this is the course for you.

Nicola Henderson

Soul Coach, Australia

My whole body is TINGLING, I WANT IN!

“How does the Holy Salon differ from other programs? I’ve already done a pleasure program – it didn’t get me the results I wanted / after the program I went back to my usual patterns”

Unfortunately, a lot of pleasure or sexuality coaching is not trauma informed and does not create enough safety for your emotional body first. Without this, your sexuality won’t open and no amount of orgasmic manifesting will change this long-term. 

In the Holy Salon, we’ll spend the first few months doing deep emotional and somatic work. That is, your body will be gently opening and your nervous system will be gradually unwinding. A lot of women in my programs notice their sexual energy coming alive during this phase even without us doing any sexuality work. This way, you become embodied in this work and the results stay with you, in your body.

“What if I get too much into my Feminine, just want to flow and won’t get anything done?”

Your Feminine can’t grow without your Masculine growing too. Just like a wild river needs riverbanks to contain the flow, your Feminine, in order to evolve and mature, needs structure and direction. The Holy Salon is equally focused on both – maturing your Masculine & Feminine. We’ll be learning how to direct the flow of your Feminine aliveness towards your vision, creativity, purpose, and relationships.

“Is it some woo woo course on manifesting your King by taking Goddess Bubble Baths?”

I believe in creating an Embodied transformation and use trauma-informed somatic methods. 

Safety is my prayer. Thus we’ll spend a lot of time creating safety for you to be in your body: identifying your coping mechanisms, learning how to track your emotions / sensations and stay in the body without disconnecting. That entails unwinding your nervous system and doing deep and holy shadow work at the somatic level (not just journaling about your beliefs). 

Yes, you’ll experience magic, quantum leaps, and potentially galactic full body orgasms but they will arise naturally, once your Feminine begins feeling safe to blossom open.


Here’s what you’ll experience inside THE HOLY SALON 

Each is of the 5 modules is based on a core Feminine Archetype and is designed with precision so that every month, you’ll experience:

✓ Both deep healing and integration to anchor your experiences in real life

✓ Applying your transformation to your intimate life and business

✓ Creating imprints of pleasure in your body

✓ Ceremony spac

Module 1

Embodied Self-leadership the Mother Archetype

Embodiment  •  Emotional safety  •  Nervous System Recalibration

Embodied self-leadership begins with having an unshakable internal anchoring in your own body. This entails recalibrating your nervous system to safety so that you can soften and open up to receiving love. Without this piece your sexuality and Deeper Feminine essence won’t activate.

You’ll learn the core embodiment principles so that you could track your body’s signals throughout the day – you’ll be shocked how much she’s got to say! You’ll be making adjustments in your daily life whereby your body can begin gently unwinding and releasing tension. 

Mother stands for both, unconditional love and fierce love. You’ll be embracing the more tender parts of you, reparenting your little girl and also mastering boundaries with others and yourself.

Mother also radiates fertility. Thus, as your body will begin to feel safe to open, we’ll calibrate this process with abundant pleasure, so that your body has a new imprint: feeling leads to bliss.

Module 2

Transmuting Chaos into Art the Enchantress Archetype

Releasing the Good Girl  •  Somatic Shadow Work  •  Sexual Healing

Your true power is not power over but power from within. Deeeeep beneath the good girl mask. We’ll be going to the places where we, as women, were told not to go: sexuality, sacred rage, untamed emotional expression, and the mystical gifts of your menstrual cycle. 

You’ll be discovering how somatic shadow work is your secret power to source your purpose, service, and vision. 

Thus, you’ll be learning how to embrace the cycles of death and rebirth of your identity so that you can intentionally gather the wisdom from any life experience – from a business-related challenge to a triggering intimacy situation – and transmute it into wisdom, creativity and your unique flavour of Embodied Leadership. 

Module 3 

Trusting the Masculine the Lover Archetype

Healing the Father Wound  •  Secure Attachment  •  Sexual Polarity 

After having established the safety to be in your body and open the deeper chambers of your heart, you’ll be ready to begin offering the gift of your heart to the world. 

You’ll be learning how to create secure attachment in your relationships – with your Beloved, business, friends, money or open your heart to call in an aligned Beloved if you desire one.

You’ll undergo one of the most healing journeys of your life – Healing your relationship to the Masculine and dissolving the armour of resentment around the heart.

This will prepare you to begin practice the Arts of Sexual Polarity so that can embrace your Longing for love and express it in ways that ignite the Masculine impulse to claim and cherish you. Let those words sink in your heart… 


Module 4

Eros as a Prayer  the Priestess & Seductress Archetypes

Sensual Dance  •  Ritual & Sex Magic  •  Tantric Love

Your body is relaxed. Heart open. Sexuality activated. This is where the real Magic begins. 

In this module, you’ll be discovering how to become intentional with your sexual energy to create your desired reality by uniting meditation, energetic practices, and your sexual energy. 

You’ll be learning the sacred arts of sensual dancing and Tantric massage. This module will deeply support you to feel confident and empowered to access the mystical realms of your body temple. Devoid of performance or agenda and led by deep devotion.

You’ll be applying everything you’ve learnt so far about intimacy to create an intentional relationship with your business too. Seducing your business as a beloved and devoting yourself to your dharma! 


Module 5

Embodying your Wholeness   the Queen Archetype

Sovereignty  •  Embodied Leadership  •  Full Expression

This module is the crown jewel of the Holy Salon.   

You’ll be uniting all the parts of your Womanhood that you have reclaimed over the last four months into an embodied wholeness. This month is dedicated to integration and completion, whereby you get to elevate all of your life–from romantic relationship to business, pleasure to leadership–into a whole new identity. As a regal Queen.

The Queen has access to all the archetypal energies. You’ll be embodying your widest range of expression and practicing emotional fluidity whilst holding a strong core. This will become your greatest ally in love, sexuality, and leadership – your Feminine aliveness will invoke your Beloved’s Deeper Masculine and your embodied courage will magnetize your clients. 

You’ll be mastering your Feminine Leadership, capacity to command spaces with your energy, and lead with fierce yet loving Truth.

What will you receive during the 5 months of being inside the Holy Salon:

15 x 90min (3 per month) LIVE group calls led by Aurika Valan

Every month, we’ll have a specific theme and an archetype we’ll be embodying. Depending on the topic, every month you will get a mixture of Live coaching (including plenty of opportunities for hot seat coaching), teaching to stimulate your sharp mind, and ceremony to awaken your priestess and the mystical realms.

3 x live calls with expert guest speakers

The Holy Salon is a FULL Initiation. Thus, you’ll get to experience this work through multiple flavours of other expert teachers, ranging from pleasure-led business coaches to powerful, embodied men coming to share their perspective on love and sexuality. In my previous programs, these conversations get reaal intimate – you don’t always get to ask a powerful male facilitator about how to get what you want from your man without emasculating him!

Access to my powerful pre-recorded teaching material and practice demos

Wanna geek out on shadow work? Understand the intricacies of Masculine and Feminine? Cultivating sexual polarity through the body? There will be plenty of resources for you to go deeper into this work.

Downloadable worksheets with powerful guidance, practice descriptions, and journaling prompts

If you learn through reading, you will love these worksheets and teaching material in written form! They contain bonus practices and prompts for deeper integration. Yes, you get to keep all this GOLD for the rest of your life!

2 x in-depth questionnaires

One intentionally designed questionnaire before the Holy Salon so that you get very clear on where you’re at and what you want to experience. You’ll get the second questionnaire at the end of the program to celebrate your transformation(s) and fully integrate them into your life.

Access to the call recordings and program material for at least one year since the end of the program

After a full Initiation, some women love repeating the programs or coming back to specific practices because, once you’ve rewired a specific pattern or attracted a partner, the same work will have a completely different meaning!

I want to lead not only in business but also be led in love 



The very first thing that I loved about working with Aurika is that she immediately taught me how to get out of my head and into my heart and my body. Aurika creates a very safe space to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Then I saw that my reality began changing really, really fast. 

When I began awakening my sexual energy, it was so surprising – I’ve learnt so much about who I am, especially through entering such deep states of consciousness. In the past, I never thought that sexual energy could be a healing modality. I’d just make love or self-pleasure but none of this really touched my heart, nor did it teach me anything. I am now shifting from learning just from pain…to learning from my pleasure!

I feel that I’ve really EMBODIED everything we learnt together, it’s not just in my head. 

I can see a reflection of my inner changes in my external reality.

If you’re thinking of working with Aurika… don’t even think!

This woman is going to touch the deepest parts of who you are.

Zero BS.

Zero sugarcoating.

She’s really going to help you transform in the most amazing ways

Elísabet Maríudóttir

Eldercare, Iceland

Before joining this program, I had doubts and fears coming up wasn’t sure if I’m worthy of this investment. And actually it’s probably the best investment I could have ever made because it definitely shows the world and the universe that I’m ready. I’m ready to really truly love myself and prioritize myself.

In this program we touched upon so many topicsfrom feminine embodiment to emotional release, from relationships to changing limiting beliefs to. As a result, I started listening to myself and body so deeply that I started seeing changes in ALL of my life. I felt so empowered that, for example, I could finally make some important decisions around my career.

The most important part for me was to allow and give myself permission to rest and experience pleasure because before I felt I wasn’t worthy enough to do that. Now I can accept all parts of myself. 

In terms of relationships, I knew that something was there and that was affecting my relationships but I just wanted to distract myself and run away. Aurika guided us beautifully to meet the Father Wound and the resulting distrust in men. And when I fully went in, I realized that I’m worthy of the love and the relationship I desire. I was able to say no to relationships that didn’t meet me on a deeper level. To do this, I also had to drop the good girl mask and this program really helped me to do that.

What’s special about Aurikashe embodies everything she teaches. She’s both fierce and also very gentle, so she definitely creates a safe space and encourages you to hold yourself, not to be hard on yourself, no matter what is coming up.


HR Recruiter, Netherlands


Aurika appeared in my life and I saw it as my last chance to come out of my depression. I don’t know where I would be now without the coaching I did with her.

I don’t experience pain in my body anymore. I don’t experience premenstrual pain and I actually enjoy my menstruation. I love looking at myself in the mirror, I love touching myself, feeling that my body is actually a gift that I was given. For the first time in my entire life I love myself! I love the body I am in and I experience pleasure in relating to others.

My outer world has changed dramatically. I met a wonderful man who has been stepping into being a father figure to my daughter. I went from having no job to having so many offers and opportunities. It was my dream to work as a yoga teacher and a job opportunity just came to me without even looking for it! I manifested a home. I’m healthier than ever. I feel better than ever. These things that have come into my life are just bonuses that reflect the change in my inner world. Aurika is the most amazing mentor and friend that I could ever have asked for. If you feel called to do something like this with Aurika, I promise you that you won’t regret it!”


Yoga teacher, Brazil/Sweden

Your Investment for a Lifetime of Feminine Radiance

for Powerful Integration

 (3 spots only)

On top of the general experience of the Holy Salon, the VIP option gives you access to:

✓ Monthly 1:1 90min calls with Aurika (5 in total)

✓ Access to Aurika via Voxer for 5 months

(similar to whatsapp)

Would you benefit from personalized 1:1 coaching?

This is for you if you’re ready to go 1000% in. You want the sisterhood AND you want the personalized, continuous support by Aurika. 

Working with Aurika 1:1 will prime you for the deepest, most embodied transformation because her 1:1 sessions are somatic, i.e. you get to not only uncover but also release and change any patterns and belief systems at the body level. 

Each session is 90min because we take the time to create safety for your nervous system to gradually relax and release. Your body leads while Aurika holds the most vulnerable parts of your heart. 

Voxer access helps you feel continuously held – whether you’re going through a challenge or desire to be celebrated for your expansion! How precious it is to have someone truly holding, seeing and cheering you!


VIP Presale

$12K pay in full 

6 x $2,2k pay in installments

VIP Full Price

$13k pay in full 

6 x $2,4k pay in installments 

Group Admission


$5,555 pay in full

5 x $1,222 pay in installments

Full Price

$7,000 pay in full 

5 x $1,555 pay in installments





She came as a blessing! I am in awe. Aurika guided me in such a safe and empowering way that I was able to go not only to spaces where I wouldn’t have been able to go by myself, but even to spaces I didn’t even know existed.

I was able to reconnect with parts of my being that I had not felt for 12 years. I was able to reconnect with my sexual energy in a way that I had not imagined; had been dormant for such a long time! And now I can easily tap into my sexual energy whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for it to magically just happen.

For the first time in my life, I was able to receive love for myself. Not in the mechanical way I was doing it before (eg pampering myself in a superficial way), but truly receiving love from myself in my heart.

I now feel like sexual energy moves through my body. I can step into it. I show up for myself. I feel really transformed, so much more present and so much happier. I wish all the women in the world to be guided in such a loving and empowering way as Aurika guided meme.



I came to the program with my body being numb and I didn’t even know it was numb! And now my body, my heart and my soul are feeling things I never knew I was capable of feeling.

I used to observe those glowing, beautiful girls with sparkling eyes and wonder, ‘what are they truly feeling?’. They felt somewhat unreachable to me. And you know what, in this program I found myself feeling pleasure in my whole body, my whole existence…I’m feeling so free and alive! It was a new kind of freedom I had never tasted before.

Aurika’s program exceeded my expectations. The way she created the program is so precise, so that the inner journey could be pleasant, fun, and comfortable. She gave a lot of information, highly transformative practices, and a lot of support and resources to dive deeply into that magical ocean of ME. I highly recommend working with this beautiful soul and exploring this magnificent ocean of YOU. Believe me, I got so much out of it and I feel so thankful to Aurika.


Yoga instructor, Lithuania

Let’s be Real.

You’ve become masterful at mental spirituality: yoga, affirmations, journalling, meditation. 

You have uncovered your patterns:

Another emotionally unavailable man who won’t commit
Not taking care of your body / pleasure until you have a meltdown
Getting resentful or shutting down when he doesn’t read your mind

You’ve developed a sharp radar to notice these patterns!
You’ve filled a lot of journals trying to understand the “why” behind your patterns.
You’ve promised “not to do the thing again”.

Changing emotional / intimacy patterns is not easy.

If just mental efforts were effective, you would have done it already!

You sense that a full transformation must include the body.
You have no idea how to include your body and desire to receive expert guidance.
You desire to collapse time as you do this
(it doesn’t need to take 10 years of trial and error).


You’ve got questions, my love? I’ve got answers!

Is there any business coaching?

The Holy Salon is an intimacy-oriented and a healing program, not a business mastermind. Yes, it will impact and revolutionize your business because you will be evolving as a leader and becoming more embodied as a woman.

For business geeks (like me!), we will have Feminine, pleasure-led business coaches coming as guest speakers.

Why is this program specifically for female entrepreneurs?

Because, being our own bosses, we face a different set of divine responsibilities than when working for someone else at a 9-5 job. We have the luxury of creating our own freedom lifestyle which comes with challenges such as… 

How to lead whilst staying connected to our primary fuel, pleasure? 

How to create sexual polarity with your partner when working from home? 

How to channel your sexual energy to your creative offerings? 

After leading an empire and taking decisions during the day, how to transition to your receptive Feminine? 

The Holy Salon is for female leaders desiring to have it ALL – business success AND sexually polarised love.


Does it matter whether I'm single or in a relationship?

It does not. Your connection to your body, Eros, and emotions begins within yourself and you gotta do the inner work first. The module of healing our relationship to the masculine is fundamental whatever your relationship status is. When relevant, however, I will explain the specific nuances when it comes to working on your relationship if you have one, or attracting a Beloved if you’re single.


Will this program help me attract a partner?

The Holy Salon is about truly and completely falling in love with and getting turned on by YOU. 

There are two things I never promise my clients – a relationship and an orgasm. These experiences depend on SO MANY factors that are unique to you and your belief systems.

That being said, we will be healing your relationship with the Masculine and the Father Wound at a profound, somatic level. Your relationship patterns will change. You will feel so much safer to open as love, be confident in your communication and vulnerable in your expression. Your template of relating will be upgraded. And yes, this may result in a sacred union. 


What if I can’t attend a live session?

If for some reason you can’t make it to a session, don’t worry! Everything will be recorded so you can view the recording anytime later. If you know in advance that you can’t make it and have a question about your practice, you can send it to me beforehand and I’ll have it answered during the call. This way you feel completely included in the journey!

Will I need private space to attend the calls?

Yes. You will need to check in with your family so that they can give you private space and time not only during the sessions, but also for home practices. Having private space and time is fundamental for you to get the most out of this experience.

Will there be any nudity involved?

There will be no nudity shown on camera. Should there be an intimate practice done in a group call, it will be done with cameras turned off to respect participants’ privacy.

Topics about sexuality and shadow work are my unexplored territory. Can I join if I have no experience with it?

This program is skillfully designed to be gradual and create a safe container for people to relax into as we’ll be going deeper. It’s not necessary for you to have done work with sexuality per se but it’s required that you’ve done self-development work and that you’re familiar with this language. 

It’s possible that some topics and practices will feel uncomfortable for you, especially if you’ve never worked on your emotional body and sexuality. We’ll be easing into the discomfort so that it doesn’t shock your nervous system and, at some point, you’ll discover that you’re gonna start feeling pretty damn comfortable in the uncomfortable!


Are there any refunds?

Nope. And I’ve never been asked for one!

Can you guarantee that this course will help me reclaim my desire?

Your sexual desire (or its absence) is a result a myriad of factors, such as your self-worth, levels of stress, past trauma, safety in your relationship, sexual shame, Masculine-Feminine polarity in your life and your relationship, sexual compatibility, energetic sensitivity of your body etc. In the Holy Salon, we’ll explore the topic of sexual desire from a myriad of angles which will create a very fertile ground for you to reignite desire. The final outcome however will depend on your very specific circumstances.

More about your Facilitator

Aurika Valan is a Women’s Intimacy Coach. Her deepest soul calling is to support female leaders desiring to have it all – not just business success but also fulfilling intimacy and legendary love. 

High achieving women come to Aurika when they’ve learned how to lead in business. Now they desire to learn the Feminine Arts to feel emotionally fulfilled, sexually radiant, and capable of blissful surrender.

Aurika mentors women ready to reconnect with their Deeper Feminine essence, learn the arts of Sacred Sexuality, and create (or deepen) a Sacred Union where they feel claimed and cherished.

Aurika works with women long-term through 1:1 and group coaching, blending somatic, trauma-informed methods and Tantra,  creating an EMBODIED transformation that lasts for the rest of their lives.

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