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 emotional ALCHEMY mastery

Why should you care to release your emotions?

Because, as you lean into your emotions, sooner or later, the armour around the heart gets cracked. We realise that we do not have to hold it all together. We no longer need to control the environment to make sure we feel safe. We start feeling safe by inhabiting our bodies, and by being guided by the sacred compass of our emotions. This is the very beginning of a woman coming ALIVE. This kind of woman is magnetic. And…orgasmic. 

In my Emotional Alchemy Guide, you’ll find detailed instructions for 17 emotional release techniques. USE THEM – they will change your life inside out.

Here’s my epic Spotify playlist.

breast massage manual

In this 18-page manual, you’ll find out

What are the health, sexual and spiritual benefits of doing breast massage.

How / Where / How often to do breast massage.

13 clearly described, profoundly effective techniques.

By giving your breasts conscious touch, you teach the whole body to relax, feel and awaken. You awaken to the potential of more love and expand your capacity to feel pleasure in your entire body. Leave your email below and get access now. 

Download sexual aliveness barometer

Sexual aliveness is not a mere nice-to-have, or something you MAY think about when you have time. Sexual aliveness is a CHOICE. It’s believing that you’re worthy of the most extraordinary life right now.

As you reclaim your sexual aliveness it literally supercharges and informs all of your life—it is an indication of your quality of life. It permeates all your relationships, your confidence, the way you carry your body, your spark to create the best reality possible, and, importantly, your capacity to give and receive love.

Download this super insightful tool to find out which areas in your life need some extra attention in order to boost your sexual aliveness.

If it turns out you want more hands-on support, learn more about how I can support you 1-1 here!

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