For a woman who is Longing…

… to feel her sexual energy pulsating in her veins and wear that afterglow instead of makeup 😉

… to drop out of her busy goal-mode and into her blissfully pleasurable body.

… to experience the innate wisdom of her body so deeply that she always feels safe and internally guided. 

If this is you, gorgeous, then I welcome you back home.

 Let’s go a level deeper. Take a deep breath into heart and imagine this:

Experiencing soulful intimacy where sex is a form of prayer, not another another thing on the to do list.

Knowing how and when to shift from the go- to the flow-mode (key to awaken the Eros…with yourself or your partner!).

EMBODYING (not just understanding) your authentic feminine where all of her facets—from a fierce tigress to a caring mother—are equally sacred.

Feeling worthy of receiving pleasure, love, and compliments (without deflecting or justifying yourself, “oh that’s just an old dress…”).

Knowing how to channel your erotic energy to elevate all of your life—self-love, relationships, business creativity, and connection to Source.

If you’re already feeling some warm tingles, you are in good company sister. Let’s dive even deeper.

Do any of these experiences feel true for you?

You’re busy doing big things in life and have no time to lose by waiting around and trying to figure out your sexuality over the next 5 years. You can’t afford to keep showing up in your relationships from your head, withholding your deepest vulnerability, and speaking about your emotions instead of feeling them.

You want to actually want sex. You dream about toe-curling pleasure, but you just can’t let go of control. Your sexual desire is trapped somewhere in the bedsheets between nostalgic memories of the old good passionate days and nights that once happened.

As  you’ve been evolving spiritually, you came to realize that the old ways of making love (think: penetration before you’re ready, foreplay that doesn’t open your heart) no longer serve the Goddess that you’re becoming. You desire to enter sexual realms with relaxation, passion and confidence, where you’re so attuned to your body that you can easily ditch the script of “what’s right and appropriate”. 

You’ve done inner work yet even spirituality became just another thing on your to do listprecious concepts that live fully in the head. You’ve read all the right spiritual books, watched all Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos, got a yoni egg (that is getting dusty on a shelf), invested in courses on self-love, and joined epic retreats, yet feeling burnt out with no juice in the body to keep you going. “How do I get to my body and pleasure”, you ask yourself? 

Beloved, you’ve been evolving so much that you’ve outgrown your environment. You’re dying to share your deepest insights without having to explain your language! You long to see your environment reflect your inner evolution. Joining a community of powerful women who just get you at the soul level sounds like a dream to you. Here, manifesting and circulating sexual energy are your normal tea talk.

You wonder, “How does Aurika know all of those intimate
parts of my being that I don’t even dare admit  to my own diary?”

Gorgeous, this longing is your path to gold. Take it from my own lived journey. Let me introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Aurika Valan.

I’m a women’s intimacy coach who used to think sexuality was a messy and confusing place — certainly not something I’d want to “work on” or believe to be a place to find self-love.

Here’s the story of one pivotal moment in my life when I moved away from living completely in my head, successfully suppressing all of my emotions, and suffering from insomnia to creating an orgasmically-supercharged life where I feel truly home within and without.

It was siesta time during a very hot afternoon in Madrid. Instead of having a relaxing nap, I was crying myself to sleep just like the day before. At the time, I had moved through a horrible breakup and abandoned my corporate career in a hope to try my “new path” as a yoga teacher. 

Surprisingly, this  “spiritually idyllic” life at a yoga center had me feeling more stuck and disjointed than ever before.

In my meditations, I was quarreling with God: “But why?! I’ve done all the right things! I tried therapy, I left “the matrix” to teach yoga, I’ve read all the right books. I was meditating & chanting mantras daily…I even had a spiritual name… Why does it feel that I’m still missing the point?” 

My quest to find that missing piece of the puzzle led me to all kinds of unbelievable places. 

From Tinder to the Amazonian jungle, from techno festivals, to thinking that maybe I should be a cool eco housewife and just focus on birthing babies.

Little did I know…The answer was so close that I had overlooked it all together.

It wasn’t a sexy stranger who would magically find me and love me even if I didn’t love myself. Nor was it meditating my emotions away.

It was discovering the sacredness of my sexuality, body, and emotions that saved me, quite literally, and became THE healing nectar for my soul.

Sexuality and embodiment work helped me get out of the unhealthy masculine just bulldozing through life. 

Eventually, I was able to expand my emotional spectrum where ALL emotions are welcome–both in my personal practice and during lovemaking. I reclaimed my natural energetic sensitivity and multiorgasmic essence which has become a major tool in creating my reality. I learnt how to create safety to be in my body. All of this also prepared me to enter a soul-deep, compatible Sacred Union with my beloved where I feel so cherished and chosen. 

If someone had told me back then that awakening my sexuality was the missing piece in the puzzle of my life, I would have called them crazy. Now who I think is crazy are the people who hope their lives will change without doing the deep somatic work.

What could be more internally profound than your body, heart, and Eros, your life force energy? These are the missing keys to reclaiming your sexual desire, feeling confident in your body, and coming fully alive. 



Erotically Embodied is a blueprint for becoming an integrated, whole woman who is not only able to surrender to waves of pleasure in her body but also hold life’s intensity. This is huge! Once you feel safe to fully LEAN INTO whatever you’re feeling, you have mastered the human experience. Yes, EE is not just a program. It’s a way of living and loving.

Erotically Embodied is a blueprint for becoming an integrated, whole woman who is not only able to surrender to waves of pleasure in her body but also hold life’s intensity. This is huge! Once you feel safe to fully LEAN INTO whatever you’re feeling, you have mastered the human experience. Yes, EE is not just a program. It’s a way of living and loving.

It’s time you meet the 3 pillars of becoming Erotically Embodied:

Softening your Body

𓍰 Begin dissolving the armour around your body and heart in order to soften and open up to deeper intimacy. 

𓍰 Learn how to heal and expand your nervous system in order hold more energy in the body and open up to more pleasure.

𓍰 Become more attuned to the subtle messages through which your body is always communicating with you–this way you will also learn what your needs and boundaries are. Life Changing!

Honouring your Feminine

𓆃 Master your emotions so that they become a source of your Feminine aliveness (instead of blaming yourself for being too wild / emotional / intense / needy—you name it!).

 𓆃Learn how to source your own pleasure as a way to ignite your Feminine radiance. 

𓆃Begin trusting the wisdom of your Feminine intuition as your greatest ally and let it guide you in love, relationships, and purpose.

Mastering your Eros

𓋹 Reignite your sexual desire and know how to cultivate it so that it becomes an infinite source of energy and creativity in life.

𓋹 Embody and integrate your sexuality in all realms of your life, not just in the bedroom, so that your whole life becomes a natural extension of your erotic activation.

𓋹 Embody your Eros so that you continuously feel turned on by life and know how to use this life force energy to expand your creativity, self-confidence, and manifestation.

How does Erotically Embodied differ from other programs?

Erotically Embodied is an intensive designed to leave you feeling self-resourced and equipped with potent tools that will last you for a lifetime. 

Many online programs extensively focus on explaining new knowledge, they don’t give you enough space to experience what it FEELS LIKE to embody it.

Other programs will take you through very intense emotional rollercoasters but won’t leave you enough space for integration.

Erotically Embodied is a comprehensive, skillfully designed experience where you will receive a balanced amount of:

✔ Powerful theory for your brain to have plenty “aha!” moments and create positive imprints for your new life.

✔ Activation to release any built up tightness in your system

✔ Embodiment where you cultivate the SKILL of becoming sensitive to the messages and expressions of your body

✔ Integration where your transformation safely “lands” in your body, your nervous system is relaxed, and you’re ready to incorporate the experience in your life.

How does Erotically Embodied differ from other programs?

Erotically Embodied is an Intiation designed to leave you feeling self-resourced and equipped with very operational and potent tools that will last you for a lifetime. 

Many online programs extensively focus on explaining new knowledge, they don’t give you enough space to experience what it FEELS LIKE to embody it.

Some programs will take you through very intense emotional rollercoasters but won’t leave you enough space for integration.

Other programs will focus either primarily on healing trauma or doing just pleasure work.

Erotically Embodied, on ther other hand, is a comprehensive, meticulously designed experience where you will receive a balanced amount of:

Powerful theory for your brain to have plenty of “aha!” moments and make sense of this experience at the intellectual level.

Trauma-informed somatic work  to gradually release any built up tension in your system.

Embodiment where you cultivate the SKILL of becoming sensitive to the messages and expressions of your body.

Tantric rituals and practices that will expand your capacity to hold more energy in the body, powerfully express your emotions, and circulate orgasmic energy.

Integration where your transformation safely “lands” and becomes hardwired in your body–this
way your new patterns and expansions stay with you, in you.

Don’t just take my word for it

“Deeply beautiful, peaceful, confident and glowing.”

“Erotically Embodied was a magical initiation into a womanhood for me. The energy of Aurika is an experience in itself that inspired me to respect myself. I will never again compromise the signs through which my body is guiding me.

I have learnt that being more selfish with my well-being now means maturity to me, rather than having a shameful attitude towards it. I walk slower as it is my way to let my feminine energy guide me. I take more time to hear what my body has to say and I own it through communicating a clear opinion, boundary or desire to the external world.

I would previously ignore my body and push through whatever I had to do. Now I take time for myself to come back to full alignment, no matter how busy I am. Life is so much more delicious to live that way.

To live deeply. To live in alignment.

I truly loved every second of the program and the time we shared together!

I am forever thankful that our ways have crossed, gorgeous Aurika.”








Aurika creates an experience that is more than a meditation or an exercise. She creates a guided transformative experience during the live calls that are ceremonial, invoking change on a core level.

“You name a modality – I ‘ve done it. Just after two classes, I knew that what Aurika was doing was different.

I have experienced two Aurika’s long-term programs and I love that they are so operational, sequential and complete. You’ll never leave you wondering how they apply. So, not only am I experiencing deep changes that are unique to my system during the calls, I have a toolbox of practices to refer back to.

She held and created experiences for lasting change. The longer time container (compared to a 2 week program, for example) created safety for me to shift so many big blocks in my life and learn how to truly hold space for the ebbs and flows of my transformation.

Just knowing that Aurika was there as my guide and my group was there every week sharing similar experiences, gave me more permission to go deep and be vulnerable.

I am forever grateful.


business owner, USA

“I went from wanting to end my marriage, to being more in love with my husband than I ever have and seeing the future unfold with him”

When I came across Aurika, I saw a post which spoke to my whole being. I was already on a deep journey of finding my authentic truth and tapping into my pleasure, deeper love and desire.  When Erotically Embodied opened up for registration, every single word in the description made my body say YES.

This course ended up being the exact thing I needed to go to the next level and build upon my spiritual path. It was the bridge to a deeper relationship with myself, my husband, and my life.

My perspective of my relationship shifted in a way that allowed my husband to respond energetically. Now we are rebuilding the foundation for our marriage stronger than ever!

My pleasure threshold has increased, the sex is so much better, I am accepting AND expressing more love. 

Aurika is so supportive, compassionate, understanding, and present. I felt seen and held and able to be vulnerable in the safe space she held for us all!


artist & energy worker, usa

I don’t need more details, Aurika!
My soul is vibrating and I’m feeling a full body yes!

The 3-MONTH Erotically Embodied Experience

Module 1

Energy and Attitude to Embody Your Eros

  • Your Eros won’t activate without this piece. We’ll amplify your confidence as a woman by learning how to feel safe in your body and feel it from within.
  • You’ll make some very specific tweaks to your daily life which will allow you to begin clearing any energetic blockages.
  • You’ll learn about my signature practice Activating the Serpent, which will help you not only upgrade your feminine frequency but also ignite your aliveness and create sexual polarity.
  • You’ll learn exactly what makes some women so irresistibly magnetic while so many others– even wearing the most lux perfume and heels–struggle to feel truly radiant.

Module 2

Dark Goddess

  • If you bypass the fierce, uncompromising, raging Dark Goddess inside of you, you will waste years of your life in a hope to feel whole and complete.
  • Discover the exact way I’ve used to drop the good girl mask and embody a much wider feminine spectrum than I could have ever imagined.
  • Once you embody this process, you’ll feel so much more accepting of the parts of you that you once suppressed as unwelcome.
  • Get clear on how to increase your emotional fluidity as a way to ignite Eros and desire.

Module 3 

Inner Union between your Masculine and Feminine energies

  • Discover the real reason why just “dropping into your feminine” will not bring you the love and the life transformation you desire.
  • You’ll begin your most profound personal practice of integrating both the inner Masculine and Feminine energies together.
  • Understand the power of leaning in and being able to hold yourself (instead of relying on the outside to feel happy) so that you pave the way to a more balanced and spiritually meaningful outer union.

Module 4

Meeting the Yoni

  • Discover not only the physical anatomy of your most sacred temple but also learn what it is needed 
  • Understand why most women hold an energetic armour in the yoni resulting in numbness or pain.
  • Through a sacred healing self-massage ceremony, you’ll begin dissolving that armour so that you recreate the vitality and sensitivity in the yoni.
  • Once your yoni begins to feel safe to let go and relax, you’ll be ready to open up to deep orgasmic bliss that touches your whole body and heart.

Module 5

The Arts of Sacred Sexuality

  •  This is the place we bridge meditation, love, and sexuality–your life will not be same once you’ve experience this profound communion between sex, heart, and Spirit.
  • Awaken your energy body–this is fundamental if you desire to experience full body orgasmic aliveness (that is, not only in the yoni)!
  • Discover how to activate and move your sexual energy using ancient Tantric and Taoist practices.
  • Learn how to use the Yoni Egg (Jade Egg) in order to increase the sensitivity and the orgasmicness of your yoni.

    Module 6

    Pleasure as Prayer

    • Pleasure is not something reserved to the confines of the bedroom (and doesn’t necessarily entail sex).
    • You’ll learn about how to train your “pleasure muscle” in daily life as a prerequisite for exquisite pleasure in the bedroom.
    • I’ll guide you into a powerful ritual in the Art of Self-Seduction so that you learn how to awaken deep pleasure in ALL of your body.
    • Most importantly, you’ll get to experience how to self-source your own pleasure so that it supercharges all areas of your life, from work to relationships. 

    Module 7

    Activating your Inner Seductress

    • All right, Eros is flowing–what do we do then? It’s time to own your sexuality unapologetically!
    • Learn how to tap into your pleasure and let it move you through erotic dance, seducing your…own divine self.
    • Discover how to use sexual energy in order to “seduce” your desired reality, beloved, clients, wealth etc and magnetize them into your life.

    Module 8

    Menstrual Cycle as a the Original Feminine Spiritual Practice

    • This module will be led by a Menstruality Mentor, Soraya Sheikh.
    • Soraya will share her embodied wisdom about the menstrual cycle being our original feminne spiritual practice.
    • Soraya’s passion is teaching people about the multi-layered, biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution that lies within a woman’s body through the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

    Module 9

    Celebration Ceremony

    Babe, let me surprise you with this one!


    Soraya Sheikh is a Menstruality Mentor and will share her embodied wisdom about the menstrual cycle being our original feminne spiritual practice. Soraya’s passion is teaching people about the multi-layered, biological, psychological, and spiritual system of evolution that lies within a woman’s body through the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

    I Am Ready to become Erotically Embodied

    What will you receive when you join Erotically Embodied:

    9 x 90-120min live group calls with Aurika Valan to embody your Eros through a multitude of angles and enjoy a safe space with other powerful women

    Access to pre-recorded teaching material (the program will be comprised of both pre-recorded and live experiences)

    1 x in-depth questionnaire before the program to get very clear on where you’re at and what you want to experience.

    1 x meticulously designed questionnaire at the end of the program to reflect upon and integrate your transformation.

    Weekly worksheets with powerful guidance and journaling prompts to uncover any patterns that are no longer aligned with being Erotically Embodied.

    Downloadable practice instructions so that you can come back to the practices for the rest of your lifetime.

    Access to a private Facebook group where you can share about your experience and reach out to other women for support.

    Your own personal accountability buddy, aka Eros Bestie, to keep you accountable, motivated, and inspired throughout the course and possibly for years to come! (optional).

    Access to the call recordings and program material for at least one year.

    “I feel like I have worked through layers of armouring. The pain I had in my womb area for about 3 years.. is gone.”

    I was drawn to Aurika’s work and her content really spoke to me deeply.  When I reached out to her, she responded in a very gentle way – something that my nervous system was craving. 

    EE is such a beautiful intersection between nervous system work and finding safety in the body. I feel my sexual expression much more deeply!

    I really feel very grounded after being in this container.  The teachings truly activate wisdom and body-awareness; I have learned how to feel and befriend my emotions.

    The amount of teachings and practices were beautifully balanced, with everything needed to awaken the senses and pleasure in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. 

    Aurika is a very high quality mentor that knows the energetics behind the work she does and this course felt like it was crafted very intentionally with a lot of wisdom, gentleness and precision behind it. EE has made a lasting difference in my life! I highly recommend working with Aurika.


    awakening activation coach, australia

    “I don’t really have words that would be enough to express the impact that EE has had on my life. If only my body could speak in words.”

    “Working with Aurika has been one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve got to experience and accept so many different sides of myself; leaning into my emotions fully, especially the uncomfortable ones, opened up my body to feel more joy, pleasure, happiness, and desire every day. Asking my body what she wants to tell me has changed how I view myself and taught me to set boundaries.

    I’ve done several other practices, but they were just surface level compared to what I’ve experienced here. Moving through the emotions instead of suppressing them has been the most transformational – thanks to EE I will never be the same again.

    I deeply recommend experiencing EE to every wild woman out there who feels that there is just more than average life, average pleasure, average happiness and average relationships. Especially those who have done some kind of spiritual work and feel that there has to be more to this.

    The Tantric and somatic approach is the missing piece to live a pleasurable life.

    Thank you Aurika for inspiring me to live my truth authentically and unapologetically. I believe that her work will change the world.








    “Erotically Embodied gave me access to a completely new way of living.”

    “I feel more free, accessible and powerful than ever before. I see and experience my life, my friendships, my partnership, my decisions – simply everything – in a whole new dimension.

    I realised during the first week of Erotically Embodied that intimacy for me was associated with a lot of tension, powerlessness and fundamentally uncomfortable sensations. I was trying to solve most of my problems and desires for change with my head.

    Today, I intensely associate intimacy and sexuality with my body, my freedom, confidence, beauty, and my infinite (feminine) power. Intimacy and sexuality meet me everywhere in my everyday life and by no means only during love making.

    After completing the program, I have a basis for a completely new attitude towards life. And I take with me the deep connection to myself and the wonderful women from our group. I love them all from the bottom of my heart.

    From the first moment I felt the pure life In Aurika, which I also now feel in myself. Her way of working is full of love, respect and trust. She challenged me in a gentle, safe way, so that many of my processes were stimulated without always being actively involved.

    When I think about the last three months, it feels magical and mystical. No words are enough to describe this deep, wonderful experience.

    If you are attracted to Aurika and feel ready, go for it. It will perhaps be the most beautiful experience in your life.”


    Empowerment & Self-love Coach, Germany

    “I am eternally grateful for everything that I have learnt in Erotically Embodied and the connections I have built.”

    “I gained a new tribe of Sisterhood and learnt life-long tools and practices to release blockages to teach myself and my body to receive and to accept the pleasure and excitement life holds for me.

    I went deeper in this program than in any other program before. Erotically Embodied was on a whole other level.

    I so grateful for Aurika’s work and can’t wait to work with her again soon.”


    business coach for overworked lightworkers, Germany

    Are you ready to reignite your desire and awaken your sensuality?

    In Erotically Embodied, we will be working with a yoni egg. To get the most out of this program, it’s best that you have a yoni egg. If you already have one, that’s absolutely perfect. If you desire to purchase a high quality, ethically sourced yoni egg, you can find some options on my website (ensure to get one with a hole drilled inside) — click here.  Otherwise, feel free to get your yoni egg from anywhere it feels good to you. If you’re not sure which one to buy, start with a jade yoni egg and definitely with a hole drilled inside.”

    Living what I preach and preaching what I live

    This program is an orgasmically birthed creation of mine that condenses my experience of extensive self-practice and study, endless trainings and workshops, doing profoundly transformational work through work 1:1 coaching, and also holding large group containers. Safety, integrity, and compassion are my uppermost values

    I’m not your head-orientated coach that can’t deal with human pain & will try to fix you by telling you what to do. 

    I’m not your floaty Tantra coach who just is great at making discourses about Shiva and Shakti but has little grounding in this reality.

    My method reflects my own Inner Union between my inner Feminine & Masculine where I strive to create a grounded and safe container for intuitive, mystically profound transformations to take place.

    All screenshots share with clients’ permission

    I have been neglecting my physical body and the growth that takes place when we go within. And this program is a perfect initiation into that level of work. Aurika is a fantastic leader of this. She carries such beauty, rawness, and genuine care. She is on the ball, she knows her stuff, she explains everything beautifully. The exercises that we do each week really support the learning that we need to do in that week and it supports us when we come up against some emotional turbulence. I feel incredibly empowered now through that.

    Aurika also goes into great depth of the inner masculine and feminine and that is incredibly useful. I have a much healthier relationship between each version within myself and that helps me find stability, balance, centeredness and alignment within. Ultimately I feel a lot more free within myself and in my body! My throat chakra is good and clear. Alleluia!

    And the way that Aurika shares is fabulous. She holds the container and the group setting really well. The relationships that I’ve built in this group have been so tender, sweet and beautiful because we were all there showing up together in our rawness and vulnerabilityit felt like you’re really not alone when doing this deep work.

    And then to have someone as strong as Aurika guidingreally powerful. I really cannot recommend this program enough. If you feel like you need to reconnect with your body, if you need to learn how to feel feelings, if you want to feel like what it feels like to be feminine or masculine and to understand the difference between the two, if you have emotional wounding you need to heal – this is the course for you.

    Nicola Henderson

    Soul Coach, Australia

    Thanks to this program, all of my relationships went through very important transformations my relationship with myself, my partner, my children, my ex-husband and even my parents.

    I’ve been a “communication nerd” for many years now and, I must say, this program with Aurika has completely upleveled my communication skills. I learnt how to express my emotions in an integrated way and how to not bypass my emotions by talking about them too much. I’m now able to express my needs and boundaries in such beautiful ways that I didn’t know were possible before and, even more, I also know how to support the other person to express their needs and boundaries at such a new level. 

    It’s so wonderful to see how Aurika truly embodies what she teaches. She’s so centered and has a very strong inner union, so she can really hold the space with a masculine structure and clear frames and also be such a role model when it comes to the feminine – dancing, shaking and expressing emotions. Such an inspiration!

    Aurika has not only been an inspiration as a coach, but also really supported me with discovering myself and understanding what I want form my life and not continuing to live on autopilot. I feel extremely grateful for that. If you’re thinking of joining this program –  you definitely won’t regret it. 

    Maria Demérus

    Professional singer & vocal coach, Sweden





    Aurika’s way of teaching is so different from others she really shows you how to embody everything that you learn in this program. We read a lot of books, listen to podcasts but we are truly scared to go within our bodies because it’s a more difficult way. But it’s also a more profound way of changing ourselves.

    I feel so liberated. I feel more authentic. I feel more confident. I’m not afraid to speak my truth. I own my emotions and I feel more responsible for myself and for my life. I no longer feel like a victim of my life. I feel that I can actually create my life just the way I want to create it. I just feel so grateful because it’s been only a few months but I feel such a different person. For example, before I would actually plan what to say in a video and now I just truly trust that everything that comes through me is right!

    I really think this course is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Lean into your sexuality because, as Aurika says, when you awaken your sexual energy everything that’s not love will come out to the surface and that’s why it’s such a profound work when we go within. And this program is a perfect initiation into that level of work.

    Elísabet Maríudóttir

    Eldercare, Iceland



    She came as a blessing! I am in awe. Aurika guided me in such a safe and empowering way that I was able to go not only to spaces where I wouldn’t have been able to go by myself, but even to spaces I didn’t even know existed.

    I was able to reconnect with parts of my being that I had not felt for 12 years. I was able to reconnect with my sexual energy in a way that I had not imagined; had been dormant for such a long time! And now I can easily tap into my sexual energy whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for it to magically just happen.

    For the first time in my life, I was able to receive love for myself. Not in the mechanical way I was doing it before (eg pampering myself in a superficial way), but truly receiving love from myself in my heart.

    I now feel like sexual energy moves through my body. I can step into it. I show up for myself. I feel really transformed, so much more present and so much happier. I wish all the women in the world to be guided in such a loving and empowering way as Aurika guided meme.



    “For the first time, I managed to truly express my most vulnerable emotions in front of my husband.”

    I gained so many tools to understand myself and how I got to where I am. It’s given me the confidence to own my choices in life and relationships. 

    I feel so much lighter and more comfortable in my body after doing the somatic work – like a physical burden I no longer have to carry. Even some chronic pain that was part of my life disappeared. My friends were asking whether I lost weight! 

    The sisterhood community made me feel so connected to people who live far across the world. It was so relieving to hear other women feeling the same way and learning that it’s okay to take up space. Now I feel worthy and deserving of love.  

    Aurika was so present and open! And she also modeled a healthy way to set boundaries with love which was so profound.  Having the opportunity to interact and learn from her has been invaluable. 

    I gained so many tools to understand myself and how I got to where I am. It’s given me the confidence to own my choices in life and relationships. My life has been changed in such an amazing way and I am beyond grateful.



    “We are all a work in progress, but I can say with awe that working with Aurika initiated one of the most profound internal shifts that I have ever experienced.”

    As someone who was skeptical and new to the idea of somatic healing, I was really surprised to feel deep, authentic emotions welling up during the session on heart de-armouring. 

    Aurika’s somatic approach affected me so deeply – I felt a definitive release, as if something that was holding me back had dissolved!

    It feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off of me – I am lighter and have a greater capacity for feelings of all kinds. I have set down old hurts and replaced them with trust and gentle care for myself.

    Four months, one group container and several private sessions later, I struggle to find the words to express my gratitude. I feel open and excited for this next chapter of my life.  Thank you, Aurika.





    Boundaries are a fundamental part of self-love work. So, what are Aurika’s boundaries during EE? 

    • Aurika will only answer clarifying questions submitted prior the group calls that are related to the actual program content and practices. 
    • Aurika will NOT be providing personalized coaching in group sessions. 
    • There will be no personal access to Aurika in between the group calls.
    • Facebook group is a place for the participants to engage with each other. Aurika may jump on the group from time to time but there will be no coaching in the FB group.

    Why such boundaries? Because sexuality work is delicate and nuanced, each woman’s experience is completely different and it would be out of integrity to try to solve someone’s trauma or deep hurt in a few minutes (or in a FB comment!) without having context about their life.

    If you desire more personalized support during the program, please book the VIP option

    Answers to your burning questions

    What if I can’t attend a session?

    If for some reason you can’t make it to a session, don’t worry! Everything will be recorded so you can view the recording anytime later. If you know in advance that you can’t make it and have a question about your practice, you can send it to me beforehand and I’ll have it answered during the call. This way you feel completely included in the journey!

    I am currently in a lockdown with my family. Will I need private space to attend the calls?

    Yes. You will need to check in with your family so that they can give you private space and time not only during the sessions, but also for home practices. Having private space and time is fundamental for you to get the most out of this experience.

    Where there be any nudity involved?

    There will be no nudity shown on camera. Should there be an intimate practice done in a group call, it will be done with cameras turned off to respect participants’ privacy.

    Topics about sexuality and shadow work are my unexplored territory. Can I join if I have no experience with it?

    This program is skillfully designed to be gradual and create a safe container for people to relax into as we’ll be going deeper. It’s not necessary for you to have done work with sexuality per se but it’s required that you’ve done self-development work and that you’re familiar with this language. 

    This is an intensive and some topics and practices will most likely feel uncomfortable for you (which is a sign that you’re growing, by the way!), especially if you’ve never worked on releasing your emotions. You can still join but then it should be your utmost priority to implement all the practices and potentially dedicate extra time to them.


    Are there any refunds or guarantees?

    Nope. And I’ve never been asked for one!

    Does it matter whether I'm single or in a relationship?

    It does not. Your connection to your body, Eros, and emotions begins within yourself and you’ve gotta do the inner work first. The module of healing our relationship to the masculine is fundamental whatever your relationship status is. When relevant, however, I will explain the specific nuances when it comes to working on your relationship if you have one, or potentially trying to attract one if you’re single.

    Can you guarantee that this course will help me reclaim my desire?

    Your sexual desire (or its absence) is a result a myriad of factors, such as your self-worth, levels of stress, past trauma, safety in your relationship, any sexual shame, Masculine-Feminine polarity in your life and your relationship, sexual compatibility, energetic sensitivity of your body etc. In EE, we’ll explore the topic of sexual desire from a myriad of angles which will create a very fertile ground for you to reignite desire. The final outcome however will depend on your very specific circumstances.

    Are you a YES to creating an erotically activated life?


    More about your facilitator

    Aurika Valan is a women’s sexuality coach and a creatrix of transformational spaces that enable people to experience the depth of their raw, uncensored Truth. It is her deepest soul’s calling to serve fellow sisters and brothers when it comes to awakening consciousness in our sexuality.

    Based on extensive self-practice, Tantra and Taoism inspired trainings, and also living immersed in conscious community life, Aurika offers a uniquely embodied, down-to-earth approach. She loves depth and WHOLEistic transformation where merging our sexuality, body, and heart becomes an embodied form of prayer.

    Apart from facilitating in person journeys, her main line of work is through 1-on-1 and group coaching. She has a particular passion to empower women. Therefore, she created the Heroine’s Journey into Sexual Awakening which is a condensed 5-month Initiation for women to jumpstart their sexual awakening and create self-love that lasts.

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    Registracija į nemokamą užsiėmimą su Aurika Valan „Malonumas Būti Moterimi“

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