1:1 VIP mentorship with Aurika Valan

a sacred initiation to jumpstart your 

1:1 VIP mentorship with Aurika Valan

a sacred initiation to jumpstart your

feminine awakening!

Personalized 1:1 VIP mentorship with Aurika Valan is an intimate and deeply transformational experience. It is a   homecoming  designed to guide you back to your   wholeness  where all parts of you – including your Feminine, emotions, relationships – are a source of deepest LOVE.

I see you. You’re a woman, who just knows in her bones, that she’s ready for unapologetic self-love, soul-moving pleasure and owning her space in the world.

You intuit that your innate Feminine power and orgasmic potential are much grander than you currently see reflected in your life and in between the bed sheets.

Most importantly, you possess the Heroine’s courage to venture into the depths
of your heart and alchemise it with your awakened feminine.

Heroine’s Journey Into

Feminine Awakening

This is not about having more  orgasms…
(though this might happen as a side affect)

This is about unconditionally loving yourself wherever you’re at –
whether you’re having a mind – blown pleasure or not feeling the desire at all.

You’re feeling it right. This is the path of love.

How to know if this is for you?

Your heart & your womb are tingling with curiosity. How to know if this is for you?

You feel that your current life doesn’t quite touch the depths of your soul. Nothing is hitting “the point”.

Not your job where you spend most of your time.
Not your group of besties.

Not that new spirulina/dress/retreat/car/house.
Not even the loving gaze of your beloved seems to fill that void.

I feel you. On the outside it looks that you’ve got it all together but deep down your soul is fiercely aching. That key ingredient that binds your life together missing.

Sister, it’s the disconnection from your body, heart and feminine energy that’s holding you back.

Feel Familar?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, there’s a little monster of sabotage on
your shoulder whispering you mean stories.

You long to experience intimacy that makes your soul vibrate, yet you still go for the 2nd best because… “there’s no good men out there”.

Expressing your emotions vulnerably? ”Hell no! The world will think I’m too much! Or not enough.”

You’re bored of the same, predictable quick-fix clitoral orgasm – you sense that there’s so much more exquisiteness and bliss to be experienced in your body and soul.

Your reality and what you see in the movies just don’t seem to match. You carry a heavy sadness in you, thinking that there’s something “wrong” with you because you just can’t orgasm internally. Things get even trickier when you feel pressured to perform and orgasm.

That feeling that you’ve just crossed your own boundaries with your own touch.

Your yoni (vagina) is numb or even in pain. And to be honest, you’re not quite sure what to do “down there” with “all of that”.

If we’re reaaaaally honest, then you’re secretly counting on your beloved to just know what do and bring your orgasm home!

Self-pleasure is complicated, sometimes mixed with guilt or loneliness.

Even when you move through the resistance, you sense that your body deserves to be touched more slowly. More lovingly.

You’ve tried to create change in your life more times that
you could remember.
But resistance creeps back 3 days later and…that Jade Egg is getting dusty on your altar.

If so, feminine energy is the missing piece in your further expansion.

I remember exactly how it feels to want to love myself, but having no clue where to start. I was doing all the “right” things and even became a yoga teacher, but I still felt that I was missing the point. I was living in my head and solving problems with the same mind that created them. Therapy did not touch the core of what was going either.

Little did I know that getting into my body and embracing my feminine energy was the missing piece.

But…”All about pleasure is so damn complicated.

Where do I start?!”.

All I needed was a mentor, who has already walked this path, to direct and support me.

This is where I come in, my friend. With all of my humbleness, I confidently say that it’s my life’s calling to support you to blossom into your most vibrant sensual Goddess potential. I’ll walk by your side and catalyze your life-changing journey of self-empowerment.

Embracing your feminine energy will take you deep. It’s a path that will literally take you to the essence of who you are.



5 month VIP mentorship

What’s Included?

5 months, 15 calls

Our 75-90 min long calls will take place over a span of five months. Each month, we’ll have 3 calls and the 4th week will be for your sacred integration time.

Tailor Made Home Rituals

In each session, we’ll craft your week’s Home Rituals which is a quintessential piece of you embodying your transformation.

Post Session Support

When I say I’m there for you, gorgeous, I’m fully there! In between the sessions, we’ll stay in touch via audio or text messages so that you feel truly held and supported through this Sacred Initiation.


Conscious Self Pleasure
Cultivating Inner Safety
Rewiring Limiting Beliefs
Crafting Daily Practices
Removing Barriers to Orgasm
Connecting Yoni to the Heart
Pleasure Magic
Conscious Communication
Yoni Mapping
Mirror Work

Emotional Release
Mindset & Shadow
Working on Body Image
Inner Union of your Masculine & Feminine
Re – Sensitising the body
Transmuting & Channeling Feminine Energy
Conscious of Menstrual Cycle
Couple’s Intimacy
Yoni Self – Massage & De- Armouring

Don’t just take our word for it!

Louelle learned how to tap into feminine energy whenever she wants and reconnect to parts of herself she had not felt for 12 years!

“Before starting coaching with Aurika, I felt emotionally and energetically stuck. I was resistant but quite soon Aurika was able to guide me to emotions and places that I wouldn’t go that easily by myself and this gave me a lot of trust to embark on this journey with her. Aurika came as a blessing! I am in awe. Aurika guided me in such a safe and empowering way that I was able to go not only to spaces where I wouldn’t have been able to go by myself, but even to spaces I didn’t even know existed.

During our time together, I decided to have my IUD removed as I felt all the tension it was causing in my cervix. Aurika helped me release the anger and the resentment that came out during this process–I was able to feel a lot of power as a result of this. Thus, my journey has been about healing, especially my pelvic area and my Yoni. I was able to reconnect with parts of my being that I had not felt for 12 years. I was able to reconnect with my feminine energy in a way that I had not imagined. It had been dormant for such a long time! And now I can easily tap into my feminine energy whenever I want. I don’t need to wait for it to magically just happen.

For the first time in my life, I was able to receive love for myself. Not in the mechanical way I was doing it before (eg pampering myself in a superficial way), but truly receiving love from myself in my heart. Moreover, Aurika also guided me through couple practices which created a deeper intimate relationship with my partner and opened our connection for more pleasure.

I now feel like feminine energy moves through my body. I can step into it. I show up for myself. I feel really transformed, so much more present and so much happier. I wish all the women in the world to be guided in such a loving and empowering way as Aurika guided meme.”


Annalisa moved from depression to for the first time fully loving herself, manifesting lots of job opportunities and feeling healthier than ever!

“Three months ago I was exhausted, tired, I had a lot of physical pain, I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror, and I saw my body as an obstacle. Aurika appeared in my life and I saw it as my last chance to come out of my depression. I don’t know where I would be now without the coaching I did with her.

I don’t experience pain in my body anymore. I don’t experience premenstrual pain and I actually enjoy my menstruation. I love looking at myself in the mirror, I love touching myself, feeling that my body is actually a gift that I was given. For the first time in my entire life I love myself! I love the body I am in and I experience pleasure in relating to others.

My outer world has changed dramatically. I met a wonderful man who has been stepping into being a father figure to my daughter. I went from having no job to having so many offers and opportunities. I’m working as a yoga teacher now. It was my dream to be able to work in this field and a job opportunity just came to me without even looking for it! I manifested a home. I’m healthier than ever. I feel better than ever. These things that have come into my life are just bonuses that reflect the change in my inner world. Aurika is the most amazing mentor and friend that I co’uld ever have asked for. If you feel called to do something like this with Aurika, I promise you that you won’t regret it!



Exploring your feminine energy does bring pleasure and it’s amazing. But there’s more than this. Bringing awareness to your feminine energy is a soul-deep path of self-transformation. It’s a medicine for your body and heart.

It’s not a cookie cutter coaching program where you’ll scratch the surface writing positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror in a hope to start loving yourself.

We’ll fish out the glitches in your mindset and transform them into treasures that will guide you as your compass into your radiance.

Nor is it a year-long therapy.

It’s a 5-month intensive after which you’ll feel self-empowered to continue rising on your own.

What do I mean by that?

You’ll be motivated to take inspired action + equipped with an array of tools + empowered to truly own your authentic Feminine in each moment.

Awakening your Feminine entails a whole-istic
transformation and will take you to the core of who you are.

It doesn’t have to take you years as you try to figure everything out by yourself.
And you don’t have to do it all alone.

If you’ve come this far, I trust that you’re ready.
It’s time to get intentional about the depth of your life.

Your feminine empowerment journey begins here, my heroine.

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