Cervix as the portal that guards out way back Home – to the infinite Womb space

I held my hands on my womb as I looked at my naked body undulating in waves of pleasure. I smiled with all of my light-radiating face and whispered words of love to my body. She was blissed out for she was finally feeling held and seen.


I had spent two long weeks without being present in the temple of my yoni. Some spend their entire lifetime without having stopped to bow to their inner creatrix; yet for me these two weeks felt like an eternity.


My yoniverse always gifted me so much unconditional love, pleasure and power – and I gladly TOOK from her. The cycle is complete only when I GIVE BACK and nourish her with my unwavered presence.


When my fingertips touched the velvety softness of my cervix, I felt like shedding tears of joy. I’m home. Not metaphorically. It’s the deepest part of my body I can embrace where all of my dreams, longings and sorrows are coded. It’s almost too overwhelming to stay present with it all.


My cervix guards the entry to the infinite Womb space and is the altar for my Soul. Those who ever lived in an ashram know that it’s a honour to clean the altar, change the clothes of the deities and offer them the most beautiful flowers. Same applies to our inner Temple.


She grounds, aligns and empowers me.


By honouring my cervix I verge upon the Source. I surrender to the miracle of creation I carry within. I’m liberated from seeking love without.